by Viktorija Nikoloska

Sanja Blazhevska is the Office Manager at Cosmic Development’s office in Skopje, Macedonia. She has been working for eight years in our company and she has begun as a Secretary and today is the Office Manager in Skopje, Macedonia. The role of an Office Manager is very challenging because it involves a wide range of responsibilities that vary according to the level of difficulty. 

We were curious about Sanja’s beginnings at Cosmic Development, so we asked her about the very start, about her career development and the responsibilities she has today as an Office Manager. We also wanted to discover how she deals with the Coronavirus pandemic and the new policy for working from home. Therefore, we asked her to answer several questions about her work experience at Cosmic. We wanted to see what it takes to advance in your career and which are the things you learn on the way. If you want to discover more details about her work experience at Cosmic Development, continue reading the article below.

How and when did your Cosmic journey begin? What was the one thing that convinced you to choose our company?

My Cosmic journey began eight years ago, back in 2012. I was 22 years old, a young spirit with a desire to learn and advance in my career. Cosmic Development was considered as a leader in the IT industry on our territory. After I did my research for the company, I was sure that I had a million reasons to apply for this company and no reason to give up. I must admit that it wasn’t easy but I managed to achieve success! Today I can say that I am proud to be part of the Cosmic family and if I am given another chance to make that decision, I will definitely choose Cosmic Development all over again!

Before working as an Office Manager at Cosmic, you were the company’s secretary. Tell us more about the possibilities for work advancements that Cosmic offers to its employees?

Cosmic Development offers great opportunities for career advancement and it tends to follow the theory that puts the “Employee in the first place”. This implies a commitment of the employees to their professional development by constantly transferring knowledge and improving skills. For that purpose, Cosmic Development always invests in employees and enables them to attend conferences and training, and obtain certifications that will definitely improve their work in the long term.

What are the challenges you face on a daily basis as an Office Manager?

As an Office Manager of the Cosmic’s office in Skopje, I am responsible for various aspects. Each of those aspects has its own priorities and expectations. The biggest challenge of all is taking care of the entire office. Every day is different and dynamic and brings new tasks constantly. Each new task is a challenge you need to master in order to move forward with the job responsibilities.

In your opinion, what are the top three skills that an employee must possess in order to be a successful Office Manager?

Everyone wants to be successful in their job while also having a good relationship with their own colleagues and the employer. It is a juncture of various ideals that you need to have if you want to be known as a successful employee. However, the most important thing is to have a desire for work, to be responsible, dedicated, and persistent in the job you do.

In a time of the current Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, how do you manage to get your work done on time? 

Working during a pandemic outbreak such as the one caused by the current Coronavirus is definitely not an easy task. Due to the situation at hand, the biggest advantage is to work with a top team which makes tasks easier and simpler. The privilege to work from home is not something new in our company. Cosmic Development has always allowed flexibility to its employees, so we have adapted quickly and successfully. Thanks to the flexibility we have, the work commitments are executed on time and all obligations are completed temporarily and successfully.

What do you like to do for fun?

The entertainment part is always welcome in our offices because the circle of great colleagues always motivates me to have a lot more fun than I imagined. One of the most important fun activities organized by Cosmic Development is the annual Team Building. This is an event where employees from all of the Cosmic offices around the world come together in one location and spend time together as one big family. The preparation for this event has always been in my hands and it has been a great challenge as well, but the successful implementation of the team building event is what also has helped me grow on a professional level.

What are your most important professional accomplishment and your favorite personal achievement outside of work?

As my greatest professional achievement in Cosmic Development, I consider the past eight years dedicated to this company and all the friends I gained throughout those years and the unforgettable moments I spent with them. However, when talking about my favorite personal achievement outside of work, I can say that it cannot be measured by money and praise, because in a short time for the first time I will become a mother, and that is a prestige that nothing can replace. 🙂