Navigating Remote Talent Solutions: Choosing Between Dedicated Teams and Traditional Outsourcing

Scaling Is Easy If Done the Right Way

In the ever-evolving business landscape, scaling operations efficiently can be a game-changer. It’s about growing your team and capabilities without compromising on quality or control. This is where the choice between dedicated teams and outsourcing comes into play.

A dedicated team, often referred to as outstaffing, involves partnering with a third party to employ a team that works directly under your command. This model is akin to expanding your in-house team, except the team members are located elsewhere. On the other hand, outsourcing delegates a project or operations segment to an external entity, which takes complete control of the process.

Dedicated Teams (Outstaffing) and Traditional Outsourcing Compared

When comparing dedicated teams (or outstaffing) with the traditional outsourcing model, there are several facets to consider – cost-effectiveness, communication, collaboration, set up and start, and pricing transparency.

Outsourcing can be cost-effective for ad-hoc or project-based needs. It often entails set processes and established communication lines, although it might lack a nuanced understanding of your business culture and goals.

Conversely, dedicated teams offer a more personalized approach. They may be more cost-intensive upfront but provide better alignment with your business objectives. Communication with dedicated teams is typically more effective as the team is integrated into your operations, fostering closer collaboration.

Choosing between a dedicated team and outsourcing depends on your business needs, goals, and the nature of the project at hand. If you seek a team that operates as an extension of your own, with direct communication and involvement in day-to-day operations, a dedicated team is the way to go. However, outsourcing could be more suitable if your requirement is for a specific project with a defined end and you prefer not to manage the team directly.

Here’s a snapshot comparison of both models to help you make an informed decision.

Remote Talent Solutions: Dedicated Teams vs Traditional Outsourcing
Dedicated Teams | OutstaffingTraditional Outsourcing
Cost EffectivenessThe not-usual but equally cost-effective approach Partnering with 3rd party to provide the right team or employee to work directly and solely for you. With this approach, the 3rd party is professionalized in sourcing, hiring, and building teams for you. Usually suitable for long-term needs. ✅ The most common cost-effective approach Hiring 3rd party to tackle certain tasks or processes. With this approach, the 3rd party is professionalized in certain aspects, and usually, they work with more than one client. Usually suitable for ad-hoc or project-based needs. 
Effective Communication✅ With the dedicated talent solution, this risk can be eliminated as the recruitment is done per your specific needs, and the professionals and/or entire team are formed per your specific requirements. You are included in the selection process too. ❌ There might be barriers stemming from the cultural background and linguistic background. You need to look into this risk in the beginning and make sure you get information of the professionals you will be working with beforehand. 
Close collaboration and control✅  The client has direct communication and control over the dedicated employees. There are no 3rd parties involved in the communication, the service provider is there for support when that’s required. ❌ There is no direct control as the processes are handled entirely by the service provider. Collaboration also can be challenging as there is no direct communication between the professionals who perform the tasks and the client.  
Easy Set-Up and Start✅  This may vary and depends on your needs. The set-up and start are smooth if your recruitment needs are not too demanding. ✅ There are clearly established processes and generally, the set-up and start go smoothly. 
Clear Pricing✅With our model, flat monthly rate pricing, you get the price of each dedicated employee before you hire them. ✅ They have plans and terms that are usually clear, but the pricing can go up as the project requirements are changing. 

Dedicated Teams with Cosmic Development as Outstaffing Solution 

At Cosmic Development, our approach to outstaffing is uniquely tailored for companies invested in long-term growth and stability. We recognize that every client has distinct needs, whether they’re building a large-scale operation or a small, specialized team. 

Our commitment is to treat each client as a unique partnership, ensuring that we act not just as a service provider but as a reliable partner invested in their success. The remarkable journeys of Factinate and Rumble are testaments to our diverse yet consistently effective approach. Each narrative showcases our ability to tailor services to our clients’ unique challenges and ambitions, illustrating our solutions’ versatility and impact.

Factinate: Crafting a Content Powerhouse with Cosmic Development’s Expertise

Take, for instance, our collaboration with Factinate, a boutique operation. Despite their smaller size, our dedication to their success is as comprehensive as with any larger brands. By focusing on specific needs and nurturing a close relationship, we ensure that Factinate receives the full benefit of a dedicated team attuned to their business ethos and objectives.

Factinate’s partnership with Cosmic Development epitomizes the effectiveness of our dedicated team approach. Our involvement began at Factinate’s inception, providing the necessary development skills and a cost-effective solution compared to local senior developers. When Factinate faced the challenge of time-consuming image insertion tasks, they turned to our content creators for assistance. This move saved valuable time for their Toronto team and significantly enhanced the quality of their imagery, with meticulous attention to sourcing and crediting​​.

Cosmic Development’s team in Macedonia is a testament to the benefits of strategic outstaffing. The team’s agility in learning and becoming self-sufficient after initial training exemplifies our emphasis on quick adaptation and independence. With tasks ranging from SEO optimization to social media management, the Cosmic team is pivotal in Factinate’s operations. Their commitment to quality and dedication is apparent in the improved content and operational efficiencies Factinate enjoys.

The collaboration between Factinate and Cosmic Development demonstrates how dedicated 

teams can become an integral part of a company’s success. By offering expertise in areas that Factinate needed to bolster, such as content creation and technical development, Cosmic Development has enabled Factinate to focus on their core business, providing trivia and engaging content to their audience. Factinate’s experience highlights the value of a dedicated team that is seamlessly integrated and attuned to the specific needs of a business, allowing for scalable growth and operational excellence​.

Rumble’s Rise with Cosmic Development: A Technological Leap Forward

In contrast, our partnership with Rumble showcases our capability to manage large and diverse teams. With Rumble, we have developed a case study demonstrating how a significant, varied team can be seamlessly integrated into the client’s culture and business processes, highlighting the scalability and flexibility of our outstaffing solutions.

Rumble’s emergence as a dominant player in the video content platform space is a compelling narrative of innovation and strategic partnership. As an open video platform, Rumble has connected over 350,000 content creators to high-profile online publishers and advertisers. In a landscape where video content is integral to both corporate strategy and individual expression, Rumble stands out for its commitment to empowering creators and reshaping how social video is distributed and monetized​​.

The platform’s journey, particularly its pivot during a crucial period of YouTube algorithm changes that disadvantaged independent creators illustrates Rumble’s responsiveness to market needs. By offering these creators a new haven, Rumble experienced exponential growth, ranking as one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies. This expansion necessitated an upscale in team size and skill, a demand Cosmic Development was poised to fill with dedicated team solutions tailored to Rumble’s unique needs​​​​.

Cosmic Development provided Rumble with a dedicated team, including a branded augmented office exclusively for Rumble. This creative solution encompassed content editors, video editors, and software engineers, forming a compact team within Rumble’s development department. Focusing on feature-driven development and utilizing project management tools like Jira facilitated an efficient workflow and a measurable output that contributed significantly to Rumble’s technological advancements​​.

The results speak volumes: from being rated as the fastest player by Google Developer Insights to surpassing giants like YouTube and Twitter in the Google Play Store rankings. Rumble’s trajectory, marked by awards and recognitions, underlines the strategic advantage that a dedicated team can bring to a brand. Chris Pavlovski, Rumble’s Founder and CEO, captures the essence of this relationship, emphasizing the added value and continuous innovation enabled by having a dedicated team from Cosmic Development. This synergy between Rumble and Cosmic Development is a testament to the power of outsourcing when executed with precision and aligned vision​​.

Cosmic Development’s involvement with Rumble extends beyond technical expertise. The comprehensive IT development, sales support, and robust staff augmentation strategy have been pivotal. The management practices put in place, such as daily communication and regular in-person meetings, have fostered a cohesive work environment across continents, propelling Rumble’s growth and stability even in the face of global economic challenges like the Coronavirus pandemic​​.

In conclusion, the alliance between Rumble and Cosmic Development illustrates the transformative potential of a well-executed dedicated team model. By providing Rumble with the technological horsepower and collaborative framework necessary for their ambitious vision, Cosmic Development has played a crucial role in Rumble’s success story. The Rumble case is a blueprint for how dedicated teams can drive innovation, scalability, and competitive advantage in the fast-paced digital landscape.

Fostering Excellence: The Cosmic Development Employee Experience

On the other side of the equation is our commitment to our employees — our greatest asset. At Cosmic Development, we go beyond mere employment; we strive to create unique employee experiences. We provide competitive working conditions and benefits packages, ensuring that our team members are satisfied and motivated to provide the best service possible. We understand that the quality of our services is directly linked to the well-being of our employees, and as such, we invest in their professional growth and personal satisfaction.

Our dual focus on client and employee experiences stands at the forefront of our business strategy as we continue to evolve and adapt in the dynamic field of remote talent solutions. Cosmic Development is dedicated to building partnerships that endure and teams that excel, driving forward with innovation, commitment, and unparalleled service.

Embark on a Journey of Success with Cosmic Development

As we continue to navigate the evolving landscape of remote talent solutions, we invite you to explore the possibilities with Cosmic Development. Whether you’re seeking a dedicated team like the ones that propelled Factinate and Rumble to new heights or tailored outstaffing solutions to streamline your operations, we’re here to assist. Join us in this journey towards innovation and excellence. Let’s collaborate to create solutions that not only meet your current needs but also anticipate future challenges. Contact us to discover how our commitment to quality and our unique approach can contribute to the success and growth of your business.

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