From Finance to Family: Vesna Radeski’s Journey of Growth and Resilience

In honor of International Women’s Day and International Women’s Month, we’re spotlighting one exceptional woman at Cosmic Development, Vesna Radeski, our Finance and Accounting Manager and a pivotal team member. Celebrating a decade of dedication and achievement at Cosmic Development, a company renowned for providing long-term dedicated team solutions and fostering loyal relationships with both clients and employees, Vesna Radeski stands out as a shining example of determination, commitment, and resilience.

This special interview delves into Vesna’s extraordinary journey within our company, from witnessing Cosmic’s expansion to gracefully balancing the challenges of professional responsibilities with the joys of motherhood. Her story is not just about enduring loyalty to a company but also about blazing trails as a working mother and a beacon of inspiration for women in the workforce. Join us as we explore Vesna’s reflections, her strategies for success, and her unwavering dedication to Cosmic’s continued growth and prosperity.

Congratulations on reaching the milestone of 10 years at Cosmic Development, Vesna! Looking back, what key moments or achievements in your journey with the company stand out to you the most?

Ten years is a long journey. Looking back on my years at Cosmic Development, I have seen how the company has been growing, spreading from one office in Skopje to opening offices in Bitola, Canada, and Serbia. This was challenging and required a lot of commitment from my department. 

The number of employees has drastically increased. Also, my team has grown, and with it, my responsibilities. It was quite an experience that I have been involved in the whole process of evolving the company, and I am still eager for new achievements, which I am sure will follow.

I am happy and proud that I have been part of this successful story that continues. 

As a working mother and a key Finance team member, how have you balanced your professional responsibilities with your personal life over the past decade? Can you share some insights or tips for other working mothers striving to find that balance?

 I must start with the fact that it has been challenging and still is. My job is quite responsible and requires a full commitment. At the same time, the kids are at that age where they need our presence and help to guide them on the right path. To achieve a good work-life balance, I couldn’t have succeeded without Cosmic, my coworkers, and my husband. Cosmic offers us full flexibility; we can arrange our time and work from home whenever needed. My coworkers and my supervisors are always supportive and understanding. My husband has my back at home. So, the tip here is to choose wisely. 

March is International Women’s Month, and you’re a shining example of a dedicated and loyal female employee. How do you feel about being recognized this month for your contributions to the company and as a role model for other women in the workforce?

As a female employee, I feel honored and grateful to be recognized during International Women’s Month for my contribution to the company and as a potential role model for other women in the workforce. It’s essential to acknowledge the achievements and dedication of women in the workplace, especially during a month dedicated to celebrating their contributions and accomplishments. I hope being recognized will inspire and empower other women to pursue their career goals and aspirations.

In your role as Finance and Accounting Manager, how do you see your responsibilities evolving in the future, especially considering the changing landscape of finance and accounting practices?

To perform our job effectively, it’s essential to keep the numbers organized and stay updated on the latest rules and regulations from different areas, as they tend to change often. I manage implementing these updates in my everyday work and ensure they’re communicated clearly. With all the changes and challenges we face daily, along with the new things we’re learning, the feedback I receive helps me grow and evolve and affects my responsibilities at work.

With ten years of experience at Cosmic Development, you’ve likely witnessed various organizational changes and challenges. Can you discuss strategies or approaches you’ve employed to navigate these changes successfully?

Sure, changes are inevitable, especially in a company like Cosmic that is growing and developing. To effectively tackle these changes and challenges, here are a few strategies I’ve found to work: 

  1. Continuous Learning: This is, by default, a must.
  2. Problem–Solving Mindset: Helps identify problems early and work toward solutions to prevent issues from escalating.
  3. Maintaining a Positive Attitude: Keeping a positive attitude helps to keep the morale high and creates a productive work environment.
  4. Building Relationships: Building strong relationships with teammates and supervisors helps collaborate effectively, seek support when needed, and navigate challenges together.

By embracing these strategies, I’ve been able to contribute positively to Cosmic’s growth and success while navigating the inevitable changes and challenges that come with it.

Thank you, Vesna, for sharing your story with us and being an invaluable asset to our team!

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