by Viktorija Nikoloska

Possessing the needed personality traits is a mandatory action when trying to begin a new profession, regardless of whether it is in the IT industry or in another type of corporation. To become web developers, people need to first ensure that they have at least five basic personality traits that will help them adjust to the new profession. Being a web developer is definitely not an easy job, however, it is a profession that is currently in high demand on the market. Due to that fact, many people nowadays make a life decision about changing their profession and becoming web developers.

The rapid change of the market and the trending peak of certain professions are the main reasons why employees want to try something new. One of those trending job positions that mark a high peak on the market is software development. Companies are more and more on the lookout for web developers, due to their need for such professionals who will help them keep an online presence. Therefore, software development will continue to grow rapidly because companies will always need websites and applications to promote their services or products.

These are more than enough reasons to make a change in your profession and become a web developer. However, how will you know that this is the right job for you? If you want to discover whether you should become a web developer or not, you must check whether you possess the mandatory personality traits for novice software developers. For more information, read the following five obligatory personality traits that you must have: 

Be a Self-Taught Person

The first personality trait that web developers need to have is the preparedness to be self-taught programmers. In other words, people who are capable of learning on their own will be the ones that will most probably succeed as web developers. We all know that both the hard and soft skills of a professional are not entirely taught in a classroom. Instead, programmers need to work on their own if they want to improve their professional skills such as communication, time management, leadership, flexibility, teamwork, etc. Companies who want to hire web developers expect the candidates to know the basics of programming without the need for training them for their job positions. Therefore, programmers need to be individuals who will be self-taught and who will have no problem learning on their own.

Web developers need to have in mind that they will have to show different skills and knowledge, depending on the project in which they will be involved. So, programmers need to get themselves prepared for different types of engineering and fill in their developers’ portfolios with a range of skill sets. This is the individual work that is part of the self-taught process and which they need to complete in order to get companies to hire them. 

Show Patience and Persistence

The job of a web developer may oftentimes be very stressful. Therefore, when employers want to hire software developers for their company, they need to assess the applicants’ patience, temperament, and stability. Web developers will most likely be hired if they possess these qualities as their best personality traits. Moreover, being patient and persistent in the work and goal achievement will also make the novice programmers become better developers.

When working as web developers, employees not only need to possess the above-mentioned qualities but also must be ready for a frustrating job. Oftentimes, the previous programmer who worked on the project might have left an unreadable code. Moreover, the documentation might be wrong or even outdated. In such situations, the new web developers will have to deal with potential problems left from their previous colleagues. They will be required to show patience and persistence in their work. When working as software developers, employees cannot have mood swings or outbursts of anger if they cannot find a solution to the problem in front of them. Therefore, people who want to become web developers need to pay more attention to their natural balance, because otherwise, they will be unable to work as programmers if they easily get upset. 

Be Open to Constructive Criticism

To be a successful web developer, one of the personality traits that a person must possess is to be always open to constructive criticism. Handling criticism as a pro is what helps programmers establish good connections with other team members and accept their ideas. In big companies, programmers are usually expected to work as part of a large team of developers. Consequently, they will have to improve their listening skills and accept criticism from their colleagues.

In many situations, one programmer may often have different solutions to a problem than the others. In such situations, novice web developers must be open to different ideas and accept that their solution is not the only way to do things. Therefore, prior to beginning a career in web development, applicants need to reflect on whether they are open-minded individuals or not. If they are – they will easily adjust to the work position. If not – then they will have difficulties in working as web developers. 

Become Proud of the Work Done

When working as a web developer, employees usually have neither emotional connection to their work nor personal investment in the products or services they offer on the market. In most cases, programmers only put enough effort to complete their daily tasks and get a paycheck at the end of the month. They do not get emotionally attached to the software that the team develops, which after a while results in lowering the level of enthusiasm for work. To prevent this from happening, web developers need to start taking part in the act of creation at their workplace and become proud of the work they have completed. That way, they will feel like they have made a change to the world they live in and that they will ease the lives of people who will use their software.

Web developers need to be enthusiastic and innovative in their jobs, so they are encouraged to assess the product they develop from different angles. They ought to think like engineers while creating the software, but also must put themselves in the shoes of the owners and make the needed improvements. Moreover, programmers must also understand the users’ requirements and accustom the software according to the desire of the potential user. Taking all these requirements in mind will not only help developers with the development of the software but also will make them proud in the end and they will feel like they have contributed to better user experience. 

Be Ready to Constantly Learn New Technologies

When starting off as a web developer, one of the personality traits of novices will be the ability to learn new technologies. And the most important thing is that they will not stop learning at some point in their career. The web development world is constantly changing following the latest trends that happen in the IT industry. Therefore, programmers will have to learn new technologies all the time in order to upgrade themselves and stay up-to-date. In addition, they will also need to learn programming languages and read programming books that will help them with their daily work. However, the first and necessary technologies that web developers need to learn at the very beginning of their career are the following: 

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL Database
  • PHP, Java, NodeJS
  • Frameworks

After reading these five simple personality traits that novice web developers need to possess in the decade that has just begun, the number of people interested in becoming programmers will probably rise. However, take into consideration that being a software developer is a demanding job and that requires dedication and hard work. If you consider yourself as one of those types of people, make the first step, be persistent and never give up. Start your internship today and afterward check out the job positions we offer at our Careers page to give yourself a chance.