Top 5 Full-Stack Developer Tools in 2022

This article will share some full-stack developer tools to help you level up your web development skills and become a better web developer. Full-stack web development is a complex job that requires building complicated applications from scratch. Full-stack developers work on both frontend and backend projects and need to use both frontend and backend programming languages and tools. Besides having…

Productivity Tips for Developers in 2022

Developing a high-quality code while staying productive can be quite challenging. Here are some valuable tips that can help you boost your productivity without compromising on work-life balance.  Completing tasks quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality is what it means to be productive. Being productive is an essential aspect of any industry or area of expertise. Still, it can be…

Employee Spotlight: Web Developer Career Path

The success of Cosmic Development wouldn’t be possible without the talent and skills of our valuable employees. Recently, Viktorija Velichkovska celebrated her fifth year at Cosmic Development. We love to celebrate the milestones of our employees, so we sat down with Viki to discuss her career as a web developer and her time so far at Cosmic Development. Enjoy the…

Online conference with the remote agile teams

Remote Work and Agile Teams are Here to Stay

by Hristina Efinska As we are walking in the last quarter of the notorious 2020, we can state one thing for sure: Remote work and distributed teams are here to stay. However, companies can be skeptical about moving their agile processes online when it comes to working remotely. At first glance, why wouldn’t they be? Especially having in mind that…

programmer and personality traits

Five Personality Traits for Novice Web Developers

Possessing the needed personality traits is a mandatory action when trying to begin a new profession, regardless of whether it is in the IT industry or in another type of corporation. To become web developers, people need to first ensure that they have at least five basic personality traits that will help them adjust to the new profession. Being a…

work-life balance

Guide to Work-Life Balance for Web Developers

Keeping a work-life balance is very important to employees if they want to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a long-term basis. Software developers often get overwhelmed with work and are unable to strictly divide their work from their personal lives. This only contributes to failing to maintain a work-life balance. It is common knowledge that software development is not an…

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