The Perks of Remote Work: Summer Workations at Cosmic Development

You’ve probably heard about the newest trend among remote employees and companies – workation. For those unfamiliar with the term, workation (work + vacation) describes the practice of combining working remotely and vacation. This is not a completely new notion. However, it became increasingly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic when remote work became ‘a new normal’. The pandemic changed how…

From Beginner to Pro: What it is like to be QA Engineer in Cosmic Development

Although some software companies take QA lightly and don’t have QA engineers in their development team, Cosmic Development is quite the opposite. We recognize the true value of quality assurance and believe that building high-quality, stable, and safe products for our clients requires a competent QA engineer. For that reason, today, we spotlight our talented Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer, Kosta Terziski, and discuss the details of his journey, day-to-day tasks, and advice he would offer to aspiring QA professionals. 

Top 5 Full-Stack Developer Tools in 2022

This article will share some full-stack developer tools to help you level up your web development skills and become a better web developer. Full-stack web development is a complex job that requires building complicated applications from scratch. Full-stack developers work on both frontend and backend projects and need to use both frontend and backend programming languages and tools. Besides having…

Employee Success Stories at Cosmic Development

by Angela Joveska What started as a concept turned into multiplied success stories! When Cosmic Development was founded back in 2011, it was based on the principle of helping businesses of various sizes grow. All by providing the best tech talent solutions tailored to every client’s needs and budget. But that’s the one side of the story. The other and…

Employee Spotlight: Web Developer Career Path

The success of Cosmic Development wouldn’t be possible without the talent and skills of our valuable employees. Recently, Viktorija Velichkovska celebrated her fifth year at Cosmic Development. We love to celebrate the milestones of our employees, so we sat down with Viki to discuss her career as a web developer and her time so far at Cosmic Development. Enjoy the…

meeting about building a business

Building a Business with a Website Expert

by Monika Rizovska While remote work is the new trend of work of the future, building a business with website expertise is the right thing to do. There are several services and positions that might help you discover or carve out your next career, start building a business, and do global tech for good within the new marketplace needs. To…

Advantages of Using the Python Programming Language in the New Decade

Python is an interpreted programming language that marked a significant rise in the past decade. Web developers who choose Python as their programming language are enabled to integrate their systems more effectively and work at a faster speed. Moreover, when programmers utilize Python, they opt for an increase in the users’ productivity and a decrease in their maintenance costs. Programmers…

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