Why Many Choose Rumble Over YouTube

by Viktorija Nikoloska

Rumble has established itself as an online resort for over 350,000 independent content creators that upload videos to their site. It allows them to exchange their video content with publishers, thus creating a specific marketplace that connects producers with distributors who publish the content on other video platforms simultaneously. Especially now, when some content creators find YouTube discriminating, the Rumble video platform has proven to be welcoming and has given the freedom to its users to feel like they can share their personal opinions with the public. And more importantly, they will not be hidden and buried in search results. 

Behind every successful brand stands a great leader and a well-organized, dedicated team. Read on to discover more about what makes Rumble video a more appealing option than YouTube and how they leverage the services of Cosmic Development to achieve their goals.

Rumble vs. YouTube

Ever since YouTube started hiding specific videos from their search results, people began looking for a new option that will allow them to publish their videos without being concealed from the YouTube audience. At this point emerged Rumble – the best video management system – which allows everyone to create and upload video content and have it rank in search results, unlike YouTube, which buries certain videos in their search results. According to an article in the Verge: “…creators often feel abandoned and confused about why their videos are buried in search results, don’t appear on the trending page, or are being quietly demonetized.”

With recent events proving that YouTube is a discriminating platform towards certain people, Rumble has decided to show equal treatment to all content creators on their platform. If you take a quick look at Rumble’s Twitter profile, you will notice many people opting for Rumble when it comes to publishing videos, thus turning their backs to YouTube. One of them is the conservative radio host Dan Bongino who has gotten an equity stake in Rumble – a platform that protects free speech. 

In an exclusive interview for the Washington Examiner, Bongino shared his search journey for a new video platform where his “…views won’t be discriminated against.” And luckily for him, he came across Rumble. Although Bongino has 600 thousand subscribers on YouTube, he says that 80 percent of The Dan Bongino Show daily episodes have been demonetized. “I’m sick of it, and I wanted to do something about it.” Since September 2020, he started uploading The Dan Bongino Show – the 12th most popular podcast on Apple podcasts – to Rumble before posting it to his YouTube channel.

Who else joined Rumble recently? 


The Rumble Media Player

Rumble offers you 4K video hosting over the fastest media player on the market, tracking your success, and assessing your analytics in real-time. Rumble’s video player provides you with the opportunity to integrate your advertisements, to manage multiple platforms, and to monetize over one million video assets. Moreover, you will have your own Dedicated Account Manager to guide you through the process. You will also be able to distribute the content you create to Amazon and Roku. And do not worry: you will have no contracts and no hidden fees. 

Entrepreneur listed Rumble as one of the Four Video Platforms Attempting to Challenge YouTube’s Dominance and published an article stating that: “Rumble also allows creators, brands and distributors the ability to custom-brand the 4k video player, adding their own logo and styling and offering the ability to turn to choose whether or not ads will be shown on the video, or who’s ads will be shown. For publishers and brands looking to adopt Rumble as their video management system or video player, one of the major advantages is their player speed; benchmarking better than all the competition, which ultimately leads to more streams and revenue for both publishers and creators.”

For more information about Rumble’s Media Player, please look at their website, where you will discover the exact features and benefits compared to other players.

Rumble Video Player

Rumble’s Most Significant Accomplishments

Throughout the years, Rumble has done nothing less than achieve new goals and become better in their industry. The Rumble journey began back in 2008, and in these past 12 years, they managed to accomplish many goals and surpass their company’s expectations. We decided to list some of their most significant accomplishments:

  • 2015: The Rumble player got the fastest player rating on Google Developer Insights
  • 2016: ComScore ranked Rumble as a Top 50 Video Site
  • 2017: Alexa ranked Rumble a Top 100 Website
  • 2018: Quantcast ranked Rumble a Top 10 Mobile Site, and Deloitte proclaimed Rumble as the 10th fastest growing technology company in Canada and the 75th in the United States
  • 2019: The Rumble Viral YouTube channel surpassed one million subscribers. Rumble received the prestigious Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award and got in the 18th position with 955 percent revenue growth from 2015 to 2018. Rumble also received an award from The Globe and Mail for being one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies, in the revenue bracket of $10M-$25M.

We can not wait to see what award will Rumble win next. It is up to us to continue contributing to their success and the awards will come on their own. To those of you who want your products or services to mark similar accomplishments to those of Rumble – we are here to help. Reach out today and we will address your unique needs in no time. 

Our Dedicated Team Stands Behind Rumble’s Success

The significance of having a great team that brings success to your brand is best described with the words of Rumble’s Founder and CEO – Chris Pavlovski: “Having a dedicated team allows us to deliver added value and continuously innovate how we monetize your content so you can make the most with Rumble.” Chris had an idea to offer a superior video technology platform that will maximize the creators’ earnings while uncovering the video content’s genuine value. In order to achieve the development of that platform, Chris entrusted us with assembling a dedicated team for his brand. 

Meet the team that makes Rumble possible

We can proudly say that we have employees who work together and contribute to developing Rumble into a better version, even though they are located in different cities in the world. The leadership team is situated in Toronto, while the other employees are from all over the world. Our wide range of employees who work for Rumble, from software engineers to content editors and video editors, have converted the platform into an online space where millions of people get together on a worldwide level.

Discover why many Canadian and USA companies prefer outsourcing their IT needs to Serbia and Macedonia. Tell us your needs and we will help you build a winning team, just like we did for Rumble. Arrange a free consultation today and we will get you started.

Free IT consultation



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