The team behind the rumble video platform

Why Many Choose Rumble Over YouTube

by Viktorija Nikoloska Rumble has established itself as an online resort for over 350,000 independent content creators that upload videos to their site. It allows them to exchange their video content with publishers, thus creating a specific marketplace that connects producers with distributors who publish the content on other video platforms simultaneously. Especially now, when some content creators find YouTube…

Content Marketing

10 Free Writing Tools You Can Use to Spruce up Your Content

by Biljana Ognenova Online writing tools complement your writing acumen, enhance creative flow, help you get better SEO rankings, and create an anxiety-free working day. As long as you know how to expand your talent with effective writing resources, you can concentrate on what matters most — crafting messages for your target audience and connecting with visitors that search for…

Content Creators Collaboration

First-Hand Reasons Why Outsourcing Content Creators Is the Right Way to Go

How many times have you heard the phrase “content is king”? Too many times, I’m sure, if you are one of the content creators in the digital marketing world or any other Internet-related industry. That dazzling, almost prophetic statement originates from a 1996 essay by Bill Gates, the founder and former CEO of Microsoft. Slightly over two decades later, we are practically living that reality. That was one of the key reasons why we decided to contact Joshua Mendelssohn, the co-founder of, and asked him to shares his insights on online publishing, the content creation process, and what IT services provider such as Cosmic Development has to do with it.

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