Navigating Remote Talent Solutions: Choosing Between Dedicated Teams and Traditional Outsourcing

Scaling Is Easy If Done the Right Way In the ever-evolving business landscape, scaling operations efficiently can be a game-changer. It’s about growing your team and capabilities without compromising on quality or control. This is where the choice between dedicated teams and outsourcing comes into play. A dedicated team, often referred to as outstaffing, involves partnering with a third party…

Celebration of Success – Ten Years of Outsourcing Tech Talent

We at Cosmic Development celebrate an important milestone this year. We celebrate ten years in business. Ten years at the service of our clients. Ten years of dedication, perseverance, innovation.  For ten years, we’ve worked hard, formed a winning team, and established ourselves as a professional company driven by knowledge and expertise. Our anniversary is a testament to good management…

The team behind the rumble video platform

Why Many Choose Rumble Over YouTube

by Viktorija Nikoloska Rumble has established itself as an online resort for over 350,000 independent content creators that upload videos to their site. It allows them to exchange their video content with publishers, thus creating a specific marketplace that connects producers with distributors who publish the content on other video platforms simultaneously. Especially now, when some content creators find YouTube…

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