Talk with HR: Sneak Peek at Our Human Resources Department

The Human Resources department plays a pivotal role in a company’s overall growth strategy and is an integral part of any modern-day organization. In the last years, the responsibilities of the HR department and HR managers have grown considerably, and now a professional HR department encompasses many roles and activities.

Being an HR professional requires commitment and dedication. After all, they are responsible for managing a company’s human capital, its most important asset.

Besides managing the employee life cycle like recruitment, hiring, onboarding, training and firing, employee relations, and benefits management, they are also responsible for protecting the employee’s well-being and keeping them satisfied. They also play a crucial role in shaping and reinforcing the company’s culture and creating a positive working environment while focusing on company values.

Given that many activities in the workplace are impacted by HR, a strong human resources department is the best way to ensure employee satisfaction, productivity, and future growth, thus setting the foundation for a thriving company.

The HR strategy at Cosmic Development is simple – be a high-performing company and a great place to work. Our HR team is our partner in business. They are the company’s driving force because they manage the most critical and valuable resource we have – our people.

Cosmic HR managers and other related professionals work hard together to support the needs of our employees at various stages of their careers. HR ensures that they have the right tools and resources to perform to thrive and maximize their input.  They focus on employee well–being and offer professional support in addition to compensation, benefits, career advancement, and work-life balance.

HR has always been important, but the past two years have demonstrated why it is instrumental in keeping businesses afloat. We successfully navigated the challenges in recruiting, retention, and safety and managed to assist our employees during the pandemic’s stressful circumstances.

The best way to acknowledge employees’ roles, efforts, and achievements is to celebrate them throughout the year. Today, to mark the International HR Day and recognize the hardworking and dedicated HR professionals, we will offer you a glimpse of the individuals who work hard to help Cosmic Development constantly improve, accelerate, and grow. Meet three ladies of our HR team.

Who is Marina?

Marina is a graduate economist in the accounting, finance, and audit section, but as a person who loves to work with people, her career path took her to human resources. She spends her time with her loved ones and friends, reading books, and cycling.

When you joined Cosmic Development, you had the chance to become part of a rapidly growing team with a lot going on. How was that experience? What do you love most about your job, especially here? 

Joining a rapidly growing company was challenging to do on the one hand. Still, it was like an adventure to discover and learn new things, get more professional in my experience, and meet new people. The work is very dynamic but having flexible working hours and working remotely when needed gives me the freedom to manage the tasks properly. The flexibility and the right HR team besides me are the things that I love most about my job.

Who is Liljana?  

Liljana is an IT recruiter at Cosmic Development. She has a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management and enjoys working and communicating with people. She loves encouraging employees and strives to create a happy workplace. When Liljana is not busy recruiting new talent, she enjoys spending time with her sons Matej and Luka.

Your expertise is recruitment. But what does it mean to be a tech recruiter? What traits do you need to be successful in your field?

Yes, my specialty in Cosmic is recruitment. To be a recruiter, you have to be many things. You need to be curious by nature and ask the right questions. You need to have excellent research skills and be up to date with the latest trends. You also need strong negotiation skills and be able to communicate with potential candidates effectively. People skills and knowing how to listen are essential for building relationships.

Another important thing is to be a good storyteller and tell stories that answer questions and provide the information the candidates need to decide if the company is a good fit as an employer. Storytelling is the best way to connect potential candidates with your brand and work culture and communicate what a company offers. The same skills that apply to sales marketing, like communication, strong organization and negotiation skills, and patience, apply to recruitment. You need skills to “sell” the job to the candidate and “sell” the candidate to the client. 

Who is Andriana? 

Andriana has almost five years of experience in the human resources field and has been Cosmic Development’s HR manager for the past nine months. She has a Master’s degree in Business Informatics and Management from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and started working for Cosmic just a few days after finishing her studies. Initially, she began as an office manager, moving to the HR assistant position, and finally, the most recent, HR manager. 

Besides her professional responsibilities and obligations, Andriana always tries to fit physical activities into her busy schedule and spends at least an hour daily doing exercise or in nature. She enjoys traveling and visiting new places. She is also an animal lover and a devoted owner of two dogs. 

What are the future company plans and goals?  

At this moment, the company is growing rapidly, and we constantly have new positions open. In the first quarter of 2022 alone, we’ve had 16 new colleagues. In fact, hardly a day goes by without communicating or interviewing potential candidates, whether for IT or non-technical job positions. That is clear evidence of the company’s growth and makes me incredibly happy.

In the future, we will continue working in the same spirit. We already have plans to continue growing our team. We also plan to make internal organizational changes and introduce new benefits. And our priority will remain the retention and encouragement of our employees.

As the main HR Manager, what’s the secret formula to making all things happen?

HR encompasses many things—from effective communication, patience, ability to analyze and see things from different angles to planning and multitasking. What’s most important for me and most challenging at the same time is establishing a healthy relationship and collaboration with the employees – which is the essence of being an HR professional. In terms of the secret formula, I would say that besides loving what you do, you’ll also need ideas and a strong will to make things happen. With thorough planning ahead, you can achieve anything.

Final Thoughts

A company is only as good as its people and the HR team is in charge of creating and maintaining a solid team. Strong HR departments help companies get the most from their people and help people get the most of the companies. They serve as the advocates for employees and help companies recruit and retain top talent to help a business succeed. That is why investing in Human Resources should be a priority of every company.

Cosmic Development succeeded in building a strong and effective HR department. Our employees can use HR to voice concerns and experiences. At Cosmic, we believe that only by working hand in hand can managers and employees build an environment that inspires and engages.

If you want to work in a thriving company that is focused on improving employee experience at each stage in the employee lifecycle and a company that offers numerous benefits and a flexible work schedule, we encourage you to check our open positions.

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