From Beginner to Pro: What it is like to be QA Engineer in Cosmic Development

We witness an age of amazing technological breakthroughs, increasing demand for new software, and higher customer expectations, so having a QA engineer in a software development team is becoming increasingly necessary for successful software businesses. It saves time, money, nerves, and a company’s reputation. 

Quality assurance (QA) engineers monitor every stage of the development process of a product. They oversee production, design and implement tests, debug and recommend improvements, making sure that the product operates on the highest quality level before it is released to the public.

Although some software companies take QA lightly and don’t have QA engineers in their development team, Cosmic Development is quite the opposite. We recognize the true value of quality assurance and believe that building high-quality, stable, and safe products for our clients requires a competent QA engineer. For that reason, today, we spotlight our talented Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer, Kosta Terziski, and discuss the details of his journey, day-to-day tasks, and advice he would offer to aspiring QA professionals. 

Kosta Terziski QA Engineer at Cosmic Development
Kosta Terziski

Who is Kosta?

Kosta is QA Automation Engineer. He joined Cosmic Development in 2014, and since then, he has quickly become an integral part of our development team. He plays a crucial role in Cosmic’s software development process, delivering high value to our company and clients. Apart from having enviable skills for tracking down the bugs that undermine a product’s performance and an excellent eye for detail, he is a proud father of a 4-month baby boy, Filip.

How did you join Cosmic Development, and what’s your overall experience in a few words? 

I joined Cosmic on an Internship program back in October 2014. I have been in the company ever since. It’s a fantastic experience, to say the least, considering that I have worked on many great projects with a great group of people.

Kosta Terziski QA Engineer at Cosmic Development
Kosta at his very beginning in Cosmic Development

Why did you opt for a career as a QA engineer?

There are numerous reasons why I opted for a career as a QA engineer. It’s challenging, valuable, creative, you are constantly learning, and most importantly, it’s in demand. Testing is not easy, and it requires excellent problem-solving skills. But I enjoy solving complex problems, looking at products from different angles, and giving developers a new perspective on their work. Each day is a new challenge and brings something new. This is not a job for those who prefer boring and simple jobs and should think twice before choosing a career path in software testing. 

Can you describe your role as a QA Engineer at Cosmic Development? What does a ‘typical’ day look like?

Coffee first. Always. And at least 15 minutes to go with that coffee of reading emails and Slack messages just to catch up on what is expected of you in the day ahead. Next in line are daily meetings, which usually don’t last longer than 15 to 20 minutes. And after that – work!

What skills did you bring to the team, and what skills have you developed since joining?

Back when I joined Cosmic, I can hardly say that I brought a lot of skills, but I can certainly say that I was a good listener. This was an opportunity for me to learn from a great group of mentors, most of whom I am still working with. Throughout the years, I have worked on many challenging projects that made me who I am today. 

Can you explain the difference between manual testing vs. automation testing? Can automation testing replace manual testing?

Automation testing will not replace manual testing. It would be best if you had both manual and automation testing skills. Manual testing handles complex test cases, while automated testing handles simpler, more repetitive tests. So, manual testing is still important. But adding automated testing makes your manual tests more efficient.

How do you keep up with the latest trends and technologies? 

Keeping up with the latest trends and technologies is important in this business line. There are numerous ways I do that: join tech forums, do my own research on the internet, and attend seminars. Plus, Cosmic provides us with access to many online learning tools and resources, and we always have the opportunity to take a course online or with a physical presence, if possible.

Kosta Terziski QA Engineer at Cosmic Development
Kosta at one of Cosmic Development’s famous parties

What advice would you give to young people keen to pursue a career as a QA engineers? 

A job in QA is rewarding and impactful. Take pride in your work and the people you work for because you are essentially changing the world for the better and making sure we live in a bug-free world. It doesn’t matter what product you’re working on. By finding and preventing errors, you are making people’s lives better, and you could even save lives. Be flexible, adaptable, and disciplined. Have patience and trust yourself. Think outside the box and pay attention to details. Be a good team player, and most importantly, never stop learning and improving. 

If you aspire to collaborate with inspiring teammates and create and support products that make a difference, we want to hear from you! See our open positions and join our team

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