Building a Business with a Website Expert

by Monika Rizovska

While remote work is the new trend of work of the future, building a business with website expertise is the right thing to do. There are several services and positions that might help you discover or carve out your next career, start building a business, and do global tech for good within the new marketplace needs. To achieve this, we suggest you take the following steps:

  1. Create Niche Websites
  2. Deal in Domains
  3. Membership Site
  4. Web Development
  5. Reseller Hosting
  6. Website Maintenance Service
  7. WordPress Expertise
  8. WordPress Theme Creator 
  9. Website Consultant
  10. Quality Assurance

1. Create Niche Websites 

What is a niche or specifically targeted website? 

A niche website is a website which targets a narrow group of people in a broader market, similar interests. While focusing on a particular keyword that people use on search engines, a niche or specifically targeted website provides its visitors helpful and quality content that answers a question or solves a problem connected to the term or searched keyword. 

How to build a niche site? 

Building a niche website takes work, but it is not impossible. It will be necessary to invest a little in it, but it can give you a lot of profit once it is settled. 

How to earn from a niche site? 

Building a specific niche website when building a business is an excellent way to make a decent income. Many people worldwide have been able to grow their Niche or custom targeted websites into a passive income that minimizes effort. However, there is the right amount of effort involved, and it might take a year or more to start seeing reliable earnings. You can monetize your site with ads, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and more.

2. Deal in Domains 

What is dealing with domains? 

Your website’s address is the domain name, and this is what people write or type in the browser URL bar to go to and visit your website. Explained more quickly, if your website was a house, your domain name would have been the address. Dealing Domains is buying, parking, and selling domains. 

How to start dealing in domains? 

The truth is that anyone can buy a domain. The trick is knowing which domains are worth buying to make a real profit from them. The number one thing to know when building a business is how to choose the right names; the searched words that will bring you revenue are most likely to get traffic. This means that the most valuable terms are those that: 

  1. Include popular keywords
  2. Are generic and category-defining
  3. Are short
  4. Are a .com.  

3. Membership Site 

What is a membership site? 

A site with membership is a part with a gate from your online business where only those who subscribe can access the content you have placed behind the gates. 

How to build a membership site? 

A “gate” is the barrier you create into your website using a plugin. The important thing is that you offer valuable information to your audience in exchange for a small fee. For example, you can offer them downloadable documents, eBooks, newsletters, interactive live and recorded webinars, video content, training programs, and anything that moves your soul! 

How to earn with a membership site? 

This one is pretty easy. You charge your audience a fee in exchange for “backstage” access. This means having access to information products, exclusive content or interaction, and more. Exclusivity comes at a price. You can also earn affiliate marketing, sell an online course, and more. 

4. Web Development

What is web development? 

Web development indicates to creating, building, and maintaining websites. It involves aspects such as web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management. Front-end web programmers are responsible for how the website looks in the end. They create the website’s layout and integrate graphics, applications – such as a retail checkout tool, and other content. The backend is like the portion of the iceberg below the surface. Without it, the website cannot function. The backend deals with servers, applications, databases, etc. 

How to become a web developer? 

Working as a web developer comes with many benefits and challenges, and it takes a lot to learn and effort on how to do it right. Thankfully, there are many online courses you can take to learn all you need to know. With the proper knowledge and practice, you could find yourself halfway to your dream job.

How to earn with web development? 

It will depend on your experience and expertise, but even a one-time gig can make you earn some good money. Most of the web development jobs that you’ll find online charge per project, but many clients offer long-term projects at a much higher rate, and these can last months and even years. Start composing your portfolio and building a business today. 

5. Reseller Hosting 

What is a hosting reseller? 

Web hosting reseller is an option that involves one hosting provider, the company renting hard drive space and bandwidth to another small or middle-size business company which then leases the room to another party – entrepreneur or small business. The reseller hosting can provide hosting to your current clients as if you are the web hosting company. 

How to start a reseller hosting business? 

According to some research, this business works like this, basically:

  • Research and select a hosting company
  • Buy the package for a reseller that meets the goals of your business
  • Understand and know your target market to locate your new customers 
  • Create your own branded hosting packages
  • Decide your price
  • Sell hosting packages to your clients
  • Earn profit 

The plans for resellers are created for earning are often the least expensive and easiest way to start a hosting business. This option lets you set up, control, and manage the backend of the websites, emails, and domain management for your business and your clients. 

6. Website Maintenance Service 

What is website maintenance? 

Website maintenance is a service that includes regular website check-ups for issues and mistakes and also keeping the website updated and relevant. Website maintenance services include editing, revising, and changing existing web pages to keep the website brand new. 

How to start a website maintenance service? 

Websites are like homes; someone needs to look after them on an ongoing basis, so they do not fall apart. Websites need to be taken care of; that is what is right for any business. 

How to earn with website maintenance services? 

Charging for website maintenance service packages is the best way to make a profit. The benefit is that the people willing to invest in your services are the kind of clients you want to keep close. Ensuring a good business relationship with them might land you a long-term job, making perfect money. Freelancers do great in this area. 

7. WordPress Expertise

What is a WordPress expert? 

This term refers to everyone who is well-experienced in WordPress and can create a high-quality WordPress website, stay on top of platform-related updates and news, and actively participate in the community. 

How to become a WordPress expert? 

If you have used or heard about WordPress in the past, you must know that it is not exactly easy to handle without help. “What is the right theme? What is the right package? Should I change this or that?” A WordPress expert can charge a fee to help people understand the magic of WordPress. Although you should get your training first if you haven’t already. 

How to earn as a WordPress Expert? 

One of the simplest ways for earning online using WordPress is to offer consulting services. If you are good at WordPress and can build and create custom designs for clients, you can record and teach WordPress tutorials to beginners or advanced users. Set up a business as a freelancer, or offer your services through your website or social media. You can read more about how to build a WordPress and Shopify website here.

8. WordPress Theme Creator

What is a WordPress Theme Creator? 

WordPress’s themes are a collection of templates and stylesheets used to define a WordPress-powered website’s appearance and display. 

How to become a WordPress Theme Creator? 

If you are a Front-End web developer or a Web designer, you might earn more by creating WordPress Themes. You do not have to be a top-class designer or programmer to design a great looking WordPress theme, but you need to know your targeted audience preferences. 

How to make money as a WordPress Theme Creator? 

You may sell your WordPress themes at Template Monster, Themeforest, Creative Market, or sell and resell them from your site. Just like WordPress plugins, you might also work on custom WordPress theme projects for clients to make some extra dollars. See how our Bookmark developers do this.

9. Website Consultant

What is a Web Consultant? 

A web advisor and consultant is someone who provides expert insights and advice. In most cases, these experienced web developers and consultants are trained and have exceptional knowledge of a particular interest point. A good website advisor and a consultant should have experience and be knowledgeable in all the major areas of a website. This includes branding, marketing, analysis, research, and design. The website consultant’s primary role is to oversee and plan the finalization of the online website project. They provide security for the delivery of a successful website to the client. 

How to become a web consultant? 

A web consultant is engrossed mainly on the website’s information architecture, ensuring that all the technical facets are in place. Web consultants do not have to build an online application or website. Their work is to coordinate and oversee the whole process. So, a web consultant does a little bit of everything. That is why they should know a bit about everything. 

How to earn as a web consultant? 

Web consultants get hired by many companies and brands every day. Usually, they work independently, but some companies offer these services that can employ you. If you want to see how a web consultancy looks, schedule a free consultation with our Cosmic experts here and see how we can improve your website and help you with the process of building a business. 

10. Quality Assurance 

What is Quality Assurance? 

Quality Assurance is someone who gives their opinion about a random website. Some companies may require you to install software, which will enhance your activity to be recorded. You might be informed to talk about the design of the site, quality, and ease-of-use. 

How to become a Quality Assurance? 

Many businesses save time by hiring quality assurance and people to test out their websites. These users earn money to find flaws in websites and apps. Some of the best things about quality assurance are that you do not have to know about tech to become a website tester, but you have to understand how the websites work. 

How can this apply to your business?

Discover more about outsourcing technology for good if you want to learn how building a business can bring you success.


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