Our Mission is to Provide Our Employees With a Memorable Career Journey

It is not very difficult to become a part of the IT world these days; however, being there for a decade and with the same company is a perfect example of loyalty and dedication – qualities you don’t see every day on the IT market. The managing director of our company, Anthony Naumoff, is one of the rare in Macedonia who has built his career journey in the same IT company. He has been there from the beginning, throughout the years, and today, when the company is growing rapidly and has recently celebrated a ten-year jubilee.

Employee Success Stories at Cosmic Development

by Angela Joveska What started as a concept turned into multiplied success stories! When Cosmic Development was founded back in 2011, it was based on the principle of helping businesses of various sizes grow. All by providing the best tech talent solutions tailored to every client’s needs and budget. But that’s the one side of the story. The other and…

Online conference with the remote agile teams

Remote Work and Agile Teams are Here to Stay

by Hristina Efinska As we are walking in the last quarter of the notorious 2020, we can state one thing for sure: Remote work and distributed teams are here to stay. However, companies can be skeptical about moving their agile processes online when it comes to working remotely. At first glance, why wouldn’t they be? Especially having in mind that…

Conducting an IT project estimation on a meeting at an office

How to Prepare for Your IT Project Estimation

by Hristina Efinska When preparing for an IT project estimation, you need to take into consideration a lot of factors that will help you build a dedicated team for your specific project. Throughout the process of estimating your most significant IT project, you will realize that outsourcing is the best option for profitability by getting the same quality for a…

Cut costs

Outsourcing Tips: How to Cut Costs in Pandemic

by Monika Rizovska In an uncertain time and economy when every cent counts, even the smallest income in profit can impact the overall business profitability. The good news is that smaller steps and cuts usually bring a more significant effect. It is often uncomplicated, common-sense steps that improve the bottom line, especially for a small business. This economic crisis influenced…

Map of the world and different locations for outsourcing services

Outsourcing Services for Every Start-Up Company

When building a start-up company, owners need to begin considering outsourcing as an option that will help their business grow. Choosing outsourcing services may turn out beneficial for every business that is on the market, regardless of whether it is a start-up or a big corporation. For a long time, business owners thought that outsourcing is a strategy only for…

Newest Web Development Trends for 2020

The web development trends are subject to constant change as time passes by. With the end of 2019 and the end of a whole decade, the technologies that were trending in web development begin to differ from those that are about to take over. If you are already familiar with web development practices, then you probably know that companies constantly…

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