Online conference with the remote agile teams

Remote Work and Agile Teams are Here to Stay

by Hristina Efinska As we are walking in the last quarter of the notorious 2020, we can state one thing for sure: Remote work and distributed teams are here to stay. However, companies can be skeptical about moving their agile processes online when it comes to working remotely. At first glance, why wouldn’t they be? Especially having in mind that…

Conducting an IT project estimation on a meeting at an office

How to Prepare for Your IT Project Estimation

by Hristina Efinska When preparing for an IT project estimation, you need to take into consideration a lot of factors that will help you build a dedicated team for your specific project. Throughout the process of estimating your most significant IT project, you will realize that outsourcing is the best option for profitability by getting the same quality for a…

Top 5 Reasons for IT Outsourcing to Serbia and Macedonia

Have you ever thought about IT outsourcing or relocating some other business processes into a foreign country? Well, if you haven’t – now is the time! Even though it seems that we are still relatively far from setting up the real galactic enterprises (our Cosmic crew can hardly wait for that to happen), humankind did manage to make the 21st-century…

How Outsourcing Can Benefit Your Business

Outsourcing is becoming a standard business model for various size companies, from startups to corporations. No matter how big or small your enterprise is, this highly productive and very profitable practice of relocating some of the business functions and processes to a third-party service provider will ensure a whole set of benefits.

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