How Rumble’s Content Editor Chooses the Best Ideas

Working as a Content Editor requires choosing the best ideas that the audience will like to spend time on. Finding the right way of promoting your content in order to attract more traffic is definitely not an easy job. However, when you have on your team a loyal and dedicated Content Editor with more than seven years of experience, you know that success is inevitable. For Rumble, that experienced content editor is Nick Naumoff – a valuable asset to both the Rumble team and the Cosmic family. 

Nick has begun his career as a Content Manager who was of great help in the launch of Rumble back in 2013. He witnessed the rise of Rumble from its start until what it has become nowadays – a popular video content platform. Therefore, we decided to ask him to share his experience and his personal career development path within Rumble. We were curious about Nick’s beginnings at Cosmic Development, his key turning points in the career development and how he upgraded along the way. Continue reading the interview below if you want to know more about the several steps that each Content Editor must take in order to convert the best ideas into qualitative content. 

Knowing that you have been with Cosmic Development for a long time, could you tell us when exactly did you join the Cosmic family and how did that happen?

I joined Cosmic in October of 2013 a few weeks before one of today’s most popular video content platforms – Rumble – went live. Prior to my employment in Cosmic Development, I had taken part in several networking events. Through those events, I had met Chris Pavlovski, the founder and CEO of Rumble and founder of Cosmic, as well as Ryan Milnes, the CEO of Cosmic Development. This happened at the perfect time when they were looking for English native speakers to help bring Rumble to life. 

From Nick’s personal experience, conferences and networking events can prove to be highly beneficial for your career advancement. If you are wondering why you should go to a conference, read our article on the topic: Conference and Networking Events: Should I Stay or Should I Go? and let us help you answer that question.

What was your role when you first started working for Rumble as one of Cosmic’s clients?

When I first started working for Rumble, they were about to go live and they needed help to activate. Therefore, my first and main role was to help activate and post to Rumble’s social media pages. In addition, I also helped with finding and recruiting videos to the Rumble platform. 

Could you explain in further detail the responsibilities that you had as a Content Manager? How did you determine which content is good for publishing?

As a Content Manager, you have several filters to help you determine the best content to publish on Rumble. The first is to simply decide if the video is entertaining enough for as many people as possible to enjoy. Second, you can find where the video was originally posted in order to see how many views it had gotten and if it was gaining traction. The third filter is to find users that already have a large following, which helps ensure that the clip will do well. Using these three methods will almost always be beneficial for Rumble and its video content creators

When did you make a switch from Content Manager to Editor and in what did your responsibilities differ? How did you plan and prioritize your work responsibilities?

After a few years working as Content Manager at Rumble, I was able to put my English skills to good use by assisting with catchy and creative titles and descriptions for our top tier videos. This was a great challenge for me because I needed to continually improve my creative skills in order to keep things new and fresh. 

Could you describe some of the challenges that you faced throughout your entire career at Rumble?

The industry in the viral video market is constantly changing and is extremely competitive. Luckily, Chris, the CEO of Rumble, is an expert in this field. Through his guidance and insight as to what comes next, we are able to constantly change and adapt to the ever-changing video world. The challenge is to be able to learn quickly and often what content works best on which outlet in order to stay successful. 

What is the most significant professional achievement that you had in the past seven years at Cosmic Development?

I think that simply being with the company for this long is a great achievement on its own. To be honest, I am lucky enough to see Rumble from its birth to where it is now. I am even more excited to see how it will continue to develop and where it will go in the future. And throughout it all, Cosmic has been utterly fantastic. 

Could you tell us what is your most cherished personal accomplishment so far?

When it comes to personal achievements, I can only say that my most cherished personal accomplishment would have to be the birth of my son in April of this year. Becoming a father is definitely a life-changing experience. 

And in the end, could you share with us what is that you like to do for fun in your free time?

I like to spend my free time with family and friends and I tend to hang out with them as much as possible. For the rest of my free time, I enjoy watching movies and playing video games. Moreover, I also spend my time playing any kind of sport I can with my friends. 

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