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Welcome to a curated selection of the best and most-read articles on the Cosmic Blog. Our team has taken a moment to sift through the wealth of content we’ve shared throughout the years and handpicked a collection of blog posts that have stood the test of time and continue to resonate with our readers. 

These blog posts discuss a wide range of topics and offer valuable insights and information that remain relevant no matter when they were first published. Whether you missed them the first time or are eager for a re-read, these gems from the past are worth revisiting. Here’s a recap of the best blogs:

Why Many Choose Rumble Over YouTube       

This article discusses the growing popularity of Rumble, an online video platform, as a preferred alternative to YouTube for independent content creators. It underlines Rumble’s staunch commitment to free speech and its inclusive environment for creators who may feel marginalized on other platforms. It highlights key features, including 4K video hosting, a fast media player, and seamless ad integration. Personalities like Dan Bongino and Buck Sexton have joined Rumble, expressing discontent with YouTube’s policies. The article outlines Rumble’s achievements, industry rankings, and the crucial role of its dedicated global team.

It is important to mention that since the article’s publication, Rumble has evolved significantly. It became a publicly traded company in September 2022, now valued at over $2 billion. With a strategic focus on building infrastructure, including in-house advertising and payment technology, Rumble has positioned itself for success. Additionally, Rumble’s self-built cloud service and enhanced video streaming capacity have boosted its global Monthly Active Users to 58 million in Q3 2023. The commitment extends to a dedicated team of engineers continually strengthening the infrastructure to support the growing video and streaming business.

In-House vs. Outsourced Software Development. How to Get the Best of Both Worlds?

Exploring various software development strategies, the article considers in-house, outsourced, and hybrid approaches. While in-house provides control at a higher cost and outsourcing reduces expenses but may lead to communication issues, the hybrid model, endorsed by Cosmic Development, combines both for flexibility. It emphasizes control, cultural compatibility, and cost savings. The article advises businesses to consider their needs and goals when developing strategies.

First-Hand Reasons Why Outsourcing Content Creators Is the Right Way to Go

Examining the ongoing importance of content in digital marketing, the article refers to Bill Gates’ 1996 essay. An interview with Joshua Mendelssohn, co-founder of, reveals their mission and content creation process. He also emphasizes their collaboration with Cosmic Development for outsourcing, citing cost savings and enhanced content quality as significant benefits. Mendelssohn recommends Cosmic Development for their expertise in website development and content creation in the online publishing industry.

Decade of Growth: Nick Naumoff’s Career Evolution, Remote Leadership, and Rumble’s Future

Nick Naumoff, a Content Editor at Rumble, shares his decade-long journey with Cosmic Development. From contributing to Rumble’s growth as a Content Manager to his current role, Nick’s career highlights adaptability and growth. The interview explores Nick’s experiences and challenges in his roles, including his relocation to Rumble’s U.S. headquarters. He discusses evolving responsibilities, effective remote management, and the changing landscape of video content trends, emphasizing the rise of short-form vertical videos and live streaming. Nick reflects on the future, aiming to contribute to Rumble’s success and foster confidence and critical thinking in the Moderation Team.

Inspirational Career Development: How to Go from Intern to CTO? 

The article features an interview with Vladimir Novachki, CTO at Cosmic Development, sharing his journey from intern to CTO. Vladimir emphasizes continuous learning, curiosity, and flexibility in the fast-changing IT industry. He advises aspiring professionals to focus on concepts and algorithms, stay updated on industry trends, and develop soft skills. Vladimir highlights the future of software development with technologies like IoT and blockchain. He talks about the importance of work-life balance and building meaningful professional relationships for long-term success.

Our Mission is to Provide Our Employees With a Memorable Career Journey  

Antony Naumoff, Managing Director of Cosmic Development, shares the company’s evolution from modest beginnings to a thriving IT solutions provider with nearly 150 employees across four locations. The article highlights the company’s unique approach to creating dedicated talent solutions, fostering a positive work environment, and emphasizing transparency. Cosmic Development’s success in a competitive market is attributed to a relaxed work atmosphere, flexible hours, and transparent employee communication. He also talks about the company’s expansion into non-technical services (BPO) and its role in the growth of the Macedonian IT industry. Naumoff expresses optimism about the country’s potential and emphasizes treating workers fairly. The article wraps up with a glimpse into Cosmic Development’s upcoming initiatives, which involve opening a new office in Bitola and a strong commitment to cultivating a positive company culture.

Flexibility at Work: Cosmic Development’s HR Manager Shares Best Practices with

Cosmic Development’s HR Manager, Andriana Popovska, discusses the company’s distinctive approach to flexibility and freedom for its employees with The company prioritizes employee freedom and flexibility, allowing them to plan their workday for optimal productivity. This approach, including remote work and flexible hours, was established before the pandemic, contributing to a positive work environment. Despite COVID-19, the company’s smooth transition to remote work had no negative impact on employees or recruitment. Plans involve growth in clients, projects, and team members while prioritizing health and safety. Read more here.

Creating a Culture of Lifelong Learning: Cosmic Development’s Approach to Employee Development and Growth

Five employees at Cosmic Development share their positive experiences with the company’s learning and development program, emphasizing its impact on their professional growth. The program includes an annual professional development budget, access to paid platforms, online courses, workshops, and mentorship programs. The employees appreciate the focus on hard and human skills, creating a culture of innovation and lifelong learning. Their experiences underscore the importance of investing in employee training, nurturing an innovative culture, and positioning the company as a model for others in attracting and keeping high-caliber talent. Read more here.

Maximizing Workplace Productivity: Balancing Work And Summer Fun 

Unlocking a productive summer work experience is the focus of this article. It explores the impact of heat on productivity and offers strategies to counteract it. It also emphasizes the significance of clear goals, flexible work arrangements, and effective time management and advocates for balancing work and relaxation during the sunny season. The article concludes by introducing Cosmic Development, a workplace valuing work-life harmony and personal well-being, inviting readers to consider joining the team.

Cosmic Development: Nurturing a Brighter Tomorrow Through Corporate Philanthropy 

Corporate philanthropy, the strategic practice of companies giving back to society, goes beyond traditional charity, aligning with a company’s mission and values. This article explores the strategic approach of corporate giving, focusing on Cosmic Development’s impactful initiatives in five key pillars—family aid, youth initiatives, environmental responsibility, employee-backed ideas, and sports sponsorships. Recognized for best practices, Cosmic Development aims to inspire other businesses to embrace philanthropy.

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