Managing an Outsourced Team: 9 Tips to Increase Productivity

In the past years, outsourcing has become a crucial part of business management and a prime mover of business growth in many industries. Outsourcing is an excellent strategic tool that offers multiple benefits like competitive access to skilled professionals. It provides costs reduction, reduced risk, and focus on core business activities. However, managing an outsourced team can be pretty challenging…

Conducting an IT project estimation on a meeting at an office

How to Prepare for Your IT Project Estimation

by Hristina Efinska When preparing for an IT project estimation, you need to take into consideration a lot of factors that will help you build a dedicated team for your specific project. Throughout the process of estimating your most significant IT project, you will realize that outsourcing is the best option for profitability by getting the same quality for a…

Cut costs

Outsourcing Tips: How to Cut Costs in Pandemic

by Monika Rizovska In an uncertain time and economy when every cent counts, even the smallest income in profit can impact the overall business profitability. The good news is that smaller steps and cuts usually bring a more significant effect. It is often uncomplicated, common-sense steps that improve the bottom line, especially for a small business. This economic crisis influenced…

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