Looking Back at 2022 — Cosmic Development Year in Review

Before we jump into 2023, let’s look at the most memorable accomplishments of the past year.  

2022, Cosmic Development’s eleventh year of helping businesses level up, was accompanied by constant growth. We remained committed to building a better tomorrow for our clients and continued working hard to provide first-class services.

Driven by our core values, we strived to make a positive impact with all of our activities and business decisions. We introduced many new ideas to our company and participated in numerous significant events.

Cosmic Development welcomed many new team members and hoped to have a successful journey together in the years ahead. We recognized our team members’ personal lives and their need for flexibility and growth. And we acknowledged their talent and their many contributions to our company. 

Cosmic Development Continues Growing 

We continued building strong relationships with our clients throughout the year and remained committed to delivering the highest service and value. We’ve helped them grow and celebrated their successes. We successfully kicked off three new projects this year and welcomed one new client.

Our HR team has been busy bringing on new team members that helped Cosmic grow all year. Our company began the year with 91 team members and finished with 152 highly skilled professionals.

We ensured that our team had the skills and knowledge needed to succeed and invested in training programs, mentorship opportunities, and professional development courses.

Cosmic Development is constantly learning about advancements in the future of work and how workplaces are modernized worldwide. Our vision of a modern workplace means providing our employees with the tools and resources to do their jobs effectively, so we invested in tools and equipment that support a hybrid workforce.

The secret to our growth is our investment in employee experience. Offering various benefits and employee perks tailored to the individual needs of our people has remained imperative. 

Cosmic Development Events in 2022

It’s been a busy and eventful 2022 for Cosmic Development. 

As pandemic restrictions were lifted, we welcomed the return of in-person events. And after two years of virtual events, getting back to the “real world” and meeting people in person felt good. Here’s a round-up of the fantastic events we took part in.

Seminars and Conferences  

  • AllWeb 2022. Staying on top of current trends is essential for our marketing team. In September, our colleague Aleksandar Bogdanoski attended Digital Marketing Conference AllWeb in Mavrovo and learned more about the latest trends in digital marketing from prominent industry experts. 
  • The Future Is Remote. In October, we were part of the amazing “The Future is Remote” event organized by Native Teams. Our managing director Anthony Naumoff talked about growth and remote work and shared our success story on the subject.
  • Youth Strategy 2022. Our colleague Marina Trajkovska attended Youth Strategy 2022 workshop, where she gave insight into employing young people and how it reflects our society.
  • Kontakt 2022 – Job Fair. In April, we participated in the online Job and Internship Fair in Skopje, Kontakt 2022, and presented our company. 
  • Business Trip to New York. In September, a few people from the Cosmic Development team went to New York City and had the honor of attending the NASDAQ bell-ringing ceremony of one of our most loyal clients Rumble.

Sports Events  

The wellness of our company depends on the well-being of our employees. One of the ways to get our employees active and motivated and boost their mental and physical well-being is by encouraging participation in sports activities. So, this year too, we supported their participation in Avicenna Women’s Race 2022, Trcaj Be Race, and Skopje Wizz Air Marathon.

Other events include participating in the FICT online fair in May, the AmCham event in November, and the HR networking event in Bitola in December. Additionally, we sponsored the 7th Toptash Downhill Cup and the monodrama of our talented colleague Kristijan Tanchevski.

Making the World a Better Place

Cosmic Development is a socially responsible company, and we always strive to do what’s best not only for our company but for people, the planet, and society at large. Therefore, we give back to our communities regularly, participate in events and initiatives that support others, and raise awareness about the world’s pressing issues today. 

  • Donate a Computer initiative. We supported the Donate a Computer initiative and donated computers, mobile phones, and tech inventory to people in need. Our company was also invited to Doniraj Kompjuter’s 6th birthday party, where we received a certificate of appreciation for our donations to their organization.
  • Earth Day Picnic. Earth Day 2022 was a great way to reflect on our environmental responsibility. We organized a fun picnic and celebrated the day by putting on gloves and picking up trash.
  • World Space Week. We joined the celebration of space, science, and technology. Our employees and their kids had an exciting planetarium visit where they looked through the telescope and learned more about our galaxy.
  • Afforestation Activity. We also took part in the afforestation activities and donated equipment.

Success is Best When it is Shared

This year we have successfully conducted different internal events and created in-person moments. All our colleagues, new and old, finally had a chance to connect and bond.

Some of the exciting events we did internally were the business visit and an informal dinner meeting with Cosmic Development’s CEO and CFO, Ryan and Matt, as well as Rumble’s CEO, Chris Pavlovski. 

Additionally, we held our first in-person general meeting since the pandemic’s start. And we organized two interactive soft skill workshops in Skopje and Bitola with the business and management consultant Mihail Kitanovski. 

After two years of missing out on team building, we organized team buildings in Serbia and Macedonia. It was an excellent opportunity to get together, build connections, improve communication and collaboration, and have a lot of fun. 

The New Year activities are an essential part of our traditions. We ended 2022 in a big way and had one of the best New Year parties. There were cocktails, tasty food, great music, and dancing till the morning. Furthermore, we organized a New Year party for the youngest Cosmic members. We loved seeing our offices in Skopje and Bitola becoming happier, louder, and more lively, and we enjoyed all those big smiles and happy faces. 

Our People Are Our Greatest Asset

As we look back on this year, we can’t help but recognize the amazing group of people behind our company. Employee well-being, employee happiness, employee experience, and employee satisfaction are the terms that marked 2022 at Cosmic Development. They are a vital feature of our corporate culture and essential to the company’s overall success.

We continued encouraging open communication and listened to our employees to understand their needs and goals for the future. At the beginning of the year, we surveyed all employees to identify how, when, and where they work best. We used the survey results to create a concise and comprehensive hybrid work policy that meets the needs of our employees and our business. We invested in space and modern technology to bridge the physical and digital world and equipped our people with the tools they need to be productive, whether working from home or in the office.

Employee well-being, work-life balance, and flexibility remained a priority this year.

We further developed our employee benefits strategy. Now, we offer private health insurance for all employees and close family members, a yearly budget for professional growth and learning and training programs, wellness benefits, employee recognition, reward programs, and subsidized healthy meal options. The list will grow in 2023. 

We continued acknowledging their hard work and accomplishments and celebrated work anniversaries, new wins, new clients, birthdays, and much more. And we invested investment in networking, educational, and mentorship opportunities.

Great work this year, and thank you for being such an integral part of our growth in 2022. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Looking Forward to 2023

Looking ahead to the coming year, we are grateful for what we’ve accomplished and look forward to further growth. Our culture constantly evolves, but our values and purpose remain the same. We continue to support our people and create an environment where they can do their best work and be their best selves. And we will continue serving our clients with the highest quality and expertise. 

Overall, it’s been a successful and rewarding year for Cosmic Development, and the company is well-positioned for even more outstanding achievements in the future. We look forward to 2023 and are excited to see how it unfolds, as we believe it will be another great year.

If you want to join us on our path to growth, check our open positions on the following link!

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