How Video Content Brought Success to Rumble

People create video content on a daily basis, regardless of whether it is for personal or for professional purposes. Video content is an important aspect of every company’s content strategy but is also an inseparable part of people’s lives. The video content platforms, also known as video hosting platforms, enable users to create, upload and store video content. People can use these video technology platforms no matter their purpose. One of those popular video content platforms is our client’s video technology solution and platform –

Ever since YouTube’s algorithm began to favor mainstream outlets with big budgets, a conflict arose between YouTube and independent video content creators. People began to search for other platforms where they could publish their video content. is one of the platforms that enabled independent video content creators to continue uploading their videos. This was made possible thanks to Rumble’s video technology solution and platform. Rumble’s success has been so remarkable that at the end of 2019 they were ranked as the 18th fastest growing company in Canada.

This is one of the main reasons why we decided to contact Chris Pavlovski, the founder and CEO of We asked him to shares his insights on Rumble’s purpose, the video content technology, and the services that Cosmic Development offers to help Rumble grow. 

Chris Pavlovski, CEO of Rumble
Ryan Milnes, CEO of Cosmic Development (left) and Chris Pavlovski, CEO of Rumble (right)

How did you come up with the idea of creating Please tell us more about – what is the purpose of your website, what does it display, and who is it for?

Rumble was built with the mission to offer a superior video technology solution and platform that allows creators to maximize their earnings and uncover the true value of original video content. We launched the technology back in 2013 following YouTube’s decision to stay out of the copyright management business. Since then, we’ve attracted thousands of creators and over a million pieces of original content to our platform. From old to young, we are seeing everyone use All it takes is one trial run, and our community members are hooked. As of recent years, Rumble began to expand its offerings to businesses looking to use our video technology solutions, and this has turned into another area of focus for us. We really want to be the end-to-end video technology platform used by everyone, everywhere. 

How is Rumble different from other video platforms? What makes it unique?

Simple, we put our creator community and partners first. When using Rumble, creators are maximizing their earning potential and getting 60% of revenue share. Our partners are using our unparalleled video technology and are getting access to original content to optimize their revenue, too. All around, it’s a win-win situation. 

How does function? Who makes your team?

We have an incredible leadership team in Toronto. Most of them have been with the company from the start and have shown as loyal employees. Overall, we all work hard as a team to make Rumble possible. We also know that we cannot do this alone and have an incredible Creative, Content, and Sales team available to support. 

Rumble video content creators at Bitola office
Rumble’s team at Cosmic Development’s Bitola office

When did you realize that your project may benefit from outsourcing and staff augmentation services? What challenges were you experiencing before you decided to hire employees in Macedonia?

Rumble has been growing at exponential rates, so the need for additional team members was evident from the beginning. Just this past year, we were named one of the fastest-growing tech companies in all of Canada, and needless to say, we needed to expand. We outsourced to Cosmic because we needed the best workers quickly, and we knew that there is no one better than Cosmic to support us with this.

What is your relationship with Cosmic Development? What convinced you to use our services over another solution?

Being Macedonian and a true entrepreneur, it is significant for me to strengthen the country’s economy in the best way possible. At the same time, when looking at the optimal solution to support us, I want to give back to my roots as well. 

Cosmic - Rumble meeting
Chris Pavlovski in a meeting at Cosmic Development

What service does Cosmic Development perform for you, and how do you manage your augmentative team that operates from Macedonia?

We have utilized Cosmic Development across many spectrums, from IT development to sales. Cosmic has been able to help us in all areas of staff augmentation. Managing a team outside of our office is something we have perfected over time, and is something I suggest all companies get good at soon enough. In order to successfully accomplish this, our managers in Toronto are very conscious of the setup and put extra effort into making it work. Specifically, we mandate daily and constant communication with all team members. We also make sure to have several meetings in person throughout the year. For instance, we make Cosmic members fly to Toronto, or we fly to Macedonia a few times per year, to work side by side.

What are the benefits for your business that came out as a result of our work together? If you have an opportunity to recommend us to others, what would you tell them?

All-in-all Cosmic Development is a competitive advantage for us. 

With the recent market turmoil caused by the Coronavirus, working with Cosmic amplifies the necessity and importance of our partnership. As a proactive company, we decided to avoid having to raise capital to fund daily operations years ago. Instead, choosing to work with Cosmic helped design our cost structure differently from competing companies, making it easier to weather storms like the one we are facing this year.

With their competitive pricing, quality of the teams, the level of service, and their recruitment process this was a no brainer. In addition, all their staff is dedicated and exclusive to a single client at a time. This is unique because they really bring the Rumble brand loyalty inside their Cosmic offices. If you wonder what I mean by this, just look at the team’s picture below.

video content rumble team at laser tag
Rumble’s team at Laser Tag


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