Decade of Growth: Nick Naumoff’s Career Evolution, Remote Leadership, and Rumble’s Future

We at Cosmic Development value people over numbers, and today, we’re excited to continue our series, introducing the remarkable individuals shaping our company. 

In the spotlight is Nick Naumoff, an experienced Content Editor at Rumble. This isn’t Nick’s first interview for our blog. In the initial piece, he provided invaluable insights into his career development, reflected on significant achievements, and discussed the challenges of managing viral video content. (You can revisit his first interview here.)

Celebrating a decade at Cosmic Development, Nick Naumoff has witnessed the transformative evolution of digital content and online platforms. From his early days contributing to Rumble’s growth as a Content Manager to his current role as a Content Editor, Nick’s journey unfolds as a testament to adaptability and growth. 

We should also highlight a recent achievement at Cosmic Development – our dedicated team for Rumble now boasts over a hundred employees and proudly occupies a uniquely branded space within the newest office space in Bitola. This milestone underscores our commitment to providing exceptional support and fostering growth in collaboration with industry leaders like Rumble.

In this interview, we explore the pivotal experiences that have shaped Nick’s career, including his relocation to Rumble’s U.S. headquarters in Florida to work directly with our biggest client. Nick shares insightful perspectives on the dynamic realm of video content, shedding light on leadership, effective remote management, and the exciting future he envisions for himself and the Moderation Team at Rumble.

Please take a moment to read about Nick’s experiences and discover the unique story behind his decade-long journey with Cosmic Development.

Happy 10th anniversary in Cosmic. Can you compare your initial role in the dedicated team for Rumble and now as a manager? Can you share some key experiences or challenges from both standpoints that shaped your career at Cosmic Development?

Back then, at the birth of Rumble, my responsibilities were very simple. We were a brand new platform, and no one knew who we were. Aside from posting to social media, I would find viral videos (cute pets, funny babies, time-lapse videos, etc.) and recruit them to upload to Rumble. So much has evolved since then. Nowadays, I’m able to offer a helping hand in many different departments (moderation, support, recruitment, legal, etc.). I feel that simply putting in the time and absorbing the knowledge over the past ten years has helped me in my managerial skills. I saw how my bosses could teach and motivate me, and in turn, I could apply that to my team. I’m able to learn from my mistakes and share that knowledge. 

Moving to Florida to work directly with our biggest client is a significant shift. How has the experience been so far?

Absolutely incredible. Unbelievable. I truly never thought I’d be living back in the States, let alone beautiful Florida, but here I am. Duty calls. And it’s been nothing short of amazing since the day I’ve arrived. I was nervous, but building such close relationships with my colleagues at Rumble helped make the transition very easy. And being in Florida is paradise. No matter how bad of a day you may have at the office, you see nothing but palm trees and oceanfront on your drive home. Can’t complain.

How do you ensure effective communication with your team while managing a significant role remotely?

It’s all about my team leaders. They are the only reason I could accept this offer to move to Florida. I left Macedonia knowing the moderation team was in good hands, and they haven’t let me down. I do my best to keep in touch with them (weekly meetings, phone calls, etc.) to avoid breaking that communication. They’ve stepped up in a big way. And again, I saw how my bosses from Toronto successfully managed me. It’s come full circle for me. 

How has video content changed over the years, and what new trends do you think are particularly noteworthy?

It’s drastically changed. Since we consume so much content through our phones, short form vertical videos are what most of us are watching these days. Ten years ago, it wasn’t really a thing. But now, especially for Rumble, live streaming is a huge deal. It’s what the biggest content creators on the planet are prioritizing. 

As you look to the future, what goals or aspirations do you have for the Moderation Team and yourself within the company?

For myself, I just want to do my best to help Rumble become bigger and better. For the moderation team, I want them to put in the time and effort to be comfortable with the decisions they make. To have that confidence from the experience of filtering through so many videos. This way, they can use their critical thinking skills and help contribute to the further success of Rumble. They have done a phenomenal job so far, so I see nothing but good things in the future. 

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