Decade of Growth: Nick Naumoff’s Career Evolution, Remote Leadership, and Rumble’s Future

We at Cosmic Development value people over numbers, and today, we’re excited to continue our series, introducing the remarkable individuals shaping our company.  In the spotlight is Nick Naumoff, an experienced Content Editor at Rumble. This isn’t Nick’s first interview for our blog. In the initial piece, he provided invaluable insights into his career development, reflected on significant achievements, and…

adaptability skills in the team

How to Train Your Adaptability Skills and Create New Opportunities

by Biljana Ognenova Adaptability is the capacity to react appropriately to changing circumstances. If you have adaptability skills, you can modify your attitude or adjust your behavior to different situations and different people.  Adaptability Skills and Adaptability as a Trait If you include adaptability as a soft skill on our resume, you show that you can embrace innovation, quickly respond…

woman working on laptop

How to Manage a Social Media Marketing Team

by Viktorija Nikoloska Social media marketing (SMM) is the basic element for achieving success in the digital world of marketing and for attaining business growth through the usage of various platforms. Companies that want to increase their brand awareness online must begin by creating an SMM strategy, according to their industry. For that reason, we decided to interview our colleague…

Svetozar Petrovic working as video editor

Why Video Editing is Necessary

by Viktorija Nikoloska Videos, video editing programs, video editing apps, video marketing tools… Videos are everywhere we look around us. We live in an era when people prefer video content much more over the old-fashioned written content. Watching videos is far more interesting and funnier than reading long articles. People’s average attention span is 8 seconds, which means that you…

Brain representing Emotional Intelligence

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence in Sales

by Monika Rizovska Want your business to succeed? Start practicing Emotional Intelligence Emotional intelligence is an essential skill in every career, and people working in the sales department need it even more than others. There are many things that are mandatory for a specific person to be an appropriate salesperson. Confidence, motivation, passion, and drive are all necessary, and the…

programming books

Programming Books That Developers Must Read

Programming books are a source of useful information that developers can use if they want to enrich their personal knowledge and work skills. Therefore, the action of reading programming books has been always a subject of discussion between individuals who disagree on whether books are really that important. Half of the programmers think that they can get the mandatory knowledge…

Two women communicating

How to Improve Communication Skills for the IT Pro

by Panajota Gushkova If you think communication skills aren’t very important for the IT pro, think again. While IT professionals would gladly spend all day “talking” to computers in various languages, holding vast programs and datasets in their heads and solving interesting problems, today’s IT jobs require good communication skills in addition to the mandatory excellent tech skills. Take a…

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