Cosmic Development’s Year in Review: A Journey of Expansion, Innovation, and Community Impact

As we gear up for the new year, let’s take a moment to look back on 2023 at Cosmic Development. It has been a busy yet rewarding year of learning, success, challenges, and teamwork. We’ve achieved significant milestones, and it’s time to celebrate them.

In the face of difficulties, our team exhibited resilience, creativity, and a strong commitment to our clients. We’ve overcome challenges together, and our shared vision for a better world has driven our accomplishments.

Join us in reflecting on the highlights of 2023 – a year marked by growth and achievement. We appreciate the dedication and effort of each team member who contributed to our collective success.

Key Moments That Marked The Year

Welcoming New Team Members

In 2023, our Cosmic team grew significantly, including 22 new members.

This expansion is vital as we continue to prioritize our clients, drive business growth, and ensure the well-being of our team. Despite this substantial growth, we’ve focused on fostering a positive employee experience. We opened new offices and introduced additional benefits, ensuring our team thrives in an optimal work environment while sustaining a healthy work-life balance.

Helping Our Clients Grow

Our unwavering commitment to our clients remained a top priority throughout the year. We dedicated ourselves to providing tailored solutions, strategic support, and innovative approaches to propel their success. By collaborating closely with them, we navigated challenges, identified opportunities, and celebrated milestones. As we reflect on the year, we appreciate the trust our clients placed in us as partners in their journey, and we are eager to build on these foundations, continuing to assist our clients in achieving new heights in the upcoming year.

New Offices

Cosmic Development achieved a significant milestone by opening two new offices in 2023. Our Bitola headquarters moved to a more spacious and cutting-edge location, emphasizing our commitment to an enhanced work environment. Meanwhile, we relocated to a new office in Skopje, reflecting our dedication to serving clients better and accommodating our team. These new offices signify not only physical expansion but also our dedication to creating dynamic spaces that inspire innovation and support the continued success of our team and the clients we serve.

Events and Team Activities

Our calendar was brimming with events in 2023. 

We organized various company events, with a highlight being the opening of new offices in Bitola and Skopje and our team building weekend in Greece, a three-day bonding event filled with team activities, learning, and fun.

Additionally, we hosted and participated in numerous internal and external events.

Internally, our team engaged in Easter workshops, celebrated World Space Week, hosted students in our offices and participated in festive New Year and Christmas workshops. The inaugural Gaming Mortal Combat Tournament added an extra layer of excitement. 

Externally, we actively participated in events like the 15th International HR Conference, Word Camp Skopje 2023, and a panel discussion in collaboration with SOS Children’s Village. 

On the international stage, our team embarked on a working visit to Florida, attended a Political Scientific Conference in Budapest, joined the Bravehearts 777 Marathon in Melbourne, and participated in the European Championship in E-Gaming in Iasi, Romania, and Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. 

These diverse events enriched our collective experiences and reinforced our commitment to learning, collaboration, and global engagement. Looking back, it’s evident that our shared experiences played a crucial role in enhancing team dynamics and performance.

Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle 

Our team embraced a healthy and active lifestyle by participating in sports events. Some notable events include:

  • Avicenna Women’s Race in Skopje
  • Halk Eko Run in Skopje
  • Tribalion Race in Serbia
  • Ohrid Trchat Marathon in Ohrid
  • Che Trchame Marathon in Prilep
  • Trchaj Be Marathon in Bitola, Macedonia
  • Mini Trchaj Be Marathon for the Kids in Bitola
  • OCR Leunovo Tournament in Mavrovo
  • Color Run in Skopje

Elevating Employee Well-Being 

Our commitment to employee well-being took a significant leap forward in 2023 by implementing an enhanced benefits package. This comprehensive offering includes:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Option for remote work
  • Private health insurance for our employees and their families
  • Life insurance
  • Annual budget for attending events and conferences
  • Online platforms for professional development and upgrade
  • Food and beverages
  • IT equipment
  • Monthly budget for additional perks (sports, IT gadgets, wellness and relaxation activities, literature)
  • Team building and other social events
  • Referral program
  • Occasional and milestone gifts

Cosmic Anniversaries

Celebrating milestones is a tradition at Cosmic Development, and 2023 was no exception.

Ten team members hit their 5-year mark, and we cheered for Nick Naumoff as he reached an impressive ten years of growth with us. As we celebrated, our commitment to recognizing and rewarding our incredible team remained steadfast through our ongoing employee reward and recognition efforts.

Nurturing Growth through Learning and Development

2023 was a year of learning and growth at Cosmic Development. Our commitment to employee development was evident through various initiatives:

Soft Skill Academy: A year-long program enhancing interpersonal skills.

Internship Programs: Bridging the gap between education and practical IT skills.

Chat GPT In-House Course: An internal course to master the art of Chat GPT.

Diverse Training Opportunities: Many in-house and online training sessions that covered both soft and hard skills.

Giving Back To the Community

Guided by our commitment to positive and lasting change, we engaged in various initiatives to enhance our community. Partnering with numerous charitable and nonprofit organizations, such as SOS Children’s Village and Doniraj Komjuter, our efforts range from providing IT equipment to sponsoring athletes. As we reflect on the year, these initiatives exemplify our dedication to social responsibility and stand as a testament to the power of collective effort in shaping a better tomorrow.

Initiatives included:

  • Donations of its equipment
  • Donation of equipment for afforestation
  • Donation of office equipment for schools and lecture rooms
  • Sponsoring Macedonian judo athletes at the international championships in Montenegro and Croatia
  • Sponsoring the 3rd prespa swimming marathon
  • Collaboration with SOS Children’s Village
  • Traditional Christmas charity event

Our dedication to social causes remains a cornerstone of our identity, and we look forward to continuing these impactful initiatives in the future.

Special Achievements

Cosmic Development proudly earned recognition for its commitment to corporate philanthropy and excellence in HR practices:

  • Top 5 in Strategic Corporate Philanthropy: Cosmic Development stood among the top 5 companies nationally for best practices in strategic corporate philanthropy.
  • 2nd Place for Best HR Practice: We secured the 2nd place for Best HR Practice for Small to Medium-Sized Companies nationally for 2022.
  • Skill Up Academy Collaboration: We provided a full annual IT and web design scholarship for employees’ kids. 

What’s Next for Cosmic Development in 2024?

As we eagerly anticipate the new year’s unfolding, we’re excited about welcoming more team members, including dedicated employees, embarking on new projects with our dedicated teams, hosting engaging events, and continuing to provide the most attractive benefits package. With unforgettable experiences in our sights, Cosmic Development is geared up for a stellar 2024, bolstered by the commitment and expertise of our dedicated teams and employees

Thank you for being part of our journey!

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