Cosmic Development’s 2021 Year in Review

2021 was a challenging, unusual, and fantastic year. Here’s a recap of what Cosmic Development accomplished in 2021.

As we are coming to the end of another challenging year, we reflect on everything we have accomplished in 2021. Despite all challenges, we at Cosmic Development successfully adapted to the rapid changes brought about by the new reality of life and doing business. During the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, we showed resilience, flexibility, and compassion and supported our people and clients through uncertainties and unpredictability. We continued working hard and provided our clients with high-quality services and innovative solutions. And we proudly say that we have seen some excellent results. To wrap up the year, let’s look back at some highlights of 2021.

Ten years of Cosmic Development

Cosmic Development 10 years - year in review

This year, we’ve marked the first decade for Cosmic Development. What began with a small team of six young and passionate people slowly grew into a larger crew. Today we are a renowned international IT outsourcing company with over 200 highly skilled and dedicated professionals. We have over 300 completed projects with over 90 clients around the globe. In the past ten years, we kept on our growth path. We established ourselves as a global provider of skills, knowledge, and expertise, offering a wide range of digital outsourcing solutions. Even though we had a virtual party, we can’t wait to celebrate this important milestone in the good old-fashioned way by gathering our people from all locations. 

Happy 10th birthday, Cosmic Development, and a big thank you to our fantastic employees and clients for making this journey a success. With you, we are well set for success in the next decade. 

We continued our path of growth

If this year has taught us anything, it is that uncertainty and progress can exist together. Despite all the ups and downs, we’ve made the most of the current circumstances and continued growing our business. We have achieved this by utilizing our core skills and providing services that add value for our clients. Next, we implemented strategies and innovations that drove the company forward and led us to a better future.

year in review - new hires at Cosmic Development 2021

We have launched new partnerships during the year and continued to build the team. From the beginning of 2021, we have welcomed 47 people in many different positions, and we are actively looking for more to join us. Our loyal client, Bookmark, an AI-powered website builder, has also continued with its considerable growth and is expanding its team with us. The latest opportunity is for a Software Developer with the following specifications.

Cosmic’s hard-working employees are the foundation of our business, and it is our priority to make them feel valued, appreciated, and motivated. As part of Cosmic’s employee reward and recognition strategy, we acknowledge their hard work and accomplishments on various turns.

To name a few, this year we are proud of:

  • our loyal employees who celebrated five-year and ten-year anniversaries,
  • our Cosmic ambassadors who took part and represented the company in external events,
  • our diligent people who went above and beyond giving their contributions in internal projects,
  • the ones who stood out in the creative challenges,
  • the youngest members of our Cosmic family who amazed us with their original works in the World Space Week kids’ workshop. 

Further, we invested in IT infrastructure and equipped our employees with the technology and services to stay productive. Our teams are fully prepared to respond to the increasing demand for IT outsourcing and rapid digitization and help our clients successfully navigate the COVID-19 environment.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible community and being an essential part of our growth in 2021.

Events we attended and initiatives we supported

Every year Cosmic Development takes part in various events and initiatives, and this year was no exception despite the circumstances. Let’s look back at the following:  

Sports events. Our commitment to healthy life choices and wellbeing has always been a part of our company culture. Our team members participated and successfully represented Cosmic Development in the Wizz Air Marathon Skopje 2021, the Skopje Run 10k race, and the “Trcaj Be” race in Bitola.

Charitable initiatives. Social responsibility is another significant aspect of our company culture. We feel it is our duty to help the communities in which we live and work, and we are dedicated to making a real difference in the lives of those in need.

Traditionally, every year we take part in Christmas and New Year charitable initiatives. This year we supported nonprofits and charities in Macedonia and Serbia. We helped 30 families and donated food, clothing, and money to children without parents, children with disabilities, and low-income families. Additionally, we responded to the call to donate IT equipment and computers to families who can’t afford it and joined the “Donate a computer” initiative. The donation is going to be realized in the first week of January.

Tech events. In December, our colleagues Bojan Angjelkovski and Viktorija Krstevska represented Cosmic Development at DIGIT (Design and Interactive Graphics in IT), an educational event for students in the field of design and programming. At this year’s DIGIT Web – Angular Edition, Viki, a web developer, shared her personal story at Cosmic. Whereas, Bojan, a professional in Angular, mentored and assisted students in building a website with the help of Angular.

Bye 2021, hello 2022! 

2021 has been a year of challenges, learning, and change – not only for our team but for our clients, too. However, we remained strong and persistent. We plan to use everything we have learned from this past year to continue providing the best services for our clients.

We are looking forward to an inspiring 2022. Hopefully, we can put the pandemic behind and continue building Cosmic Development’s success story. In 2022 safety remains one of our highest priorities, and working from home will continue to be our core way of functioning. Despite the remote work policy, we will keep on growing our teams and hiring many new people. We will work hard and support our people and clients in reaching their goals and succeeding in 2022 and beyond.

Still, our biggest wish waits to be fulfilled as we can’t wait to gather all and celebrate everything from our rapidly growing community, birthdays, to new wins, new clients, and much more.

Eager to join us? You can find out more about our current vacancies by clicking here.

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