by Monika Rizovska

Company owners who want to mark growth in sales need to utilize powerful email marketing automation tools that can help with the improvement of their business sales performance. The one thing that differentiates successful companies from struggling businesses is the level of awareness they have for spending time and the methods they use for taking appropriate actions about it, instead of waiting for something to happen with the same approach. 

Although nowadays business owners have plenty of possibilities for taking advantage of today’s online email marketing automation tools, they do not even realize how all these resources could benefit them in the long run. Every day, company owners face the development of new applicable resources and it is crucial for them to adapt to those resources and to be flexible.

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In this article, we propose several different online tools for email marketing automation to help company owners determine what works best for them. Towards the end of it, we expect business owners and managers to understand the power of today’s online email marketing automation tools and support from experts, which will, later on, allow them to spend more time on things that will be more worthwhile in the long term for their businesses. There are a lot of digital marketing tools they can get online to promote a business. Many tools help companies to grow online without spending too much money. Another way to improve the company’s performance is through email marketing. Choose what is best for your business and utilize the right way to grow your business. Alongside email marketing automation, it is essential to use a good content marketing strategy. You can read more about this here.

Another thing that is very significant is to network with other businesses online. This can prove to be very rewarding for your business. When you set up relationships with other companies, it brings your business closer to those who are not aware of it. The key here is networking. Networking allows you to expand your business with the help of other similar big companies. You need to identify an opportunity to grow your business in the online market. 

Your growth will be possible when the right tools are used. You can make your business grow without being a programmer or a marketing professional. We will show you several tools you need for growing your business online so that you can gain a maximum profit. Get ready to collect our gathered email marketing automation insights.

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Email marketing automation is a tool used during an email campaign, which is a set of emails that are sent automatically. These emails are usually a response to the subscriber’s activities. It involves leads to subscribing, which receive the emails. Email marketing is great for online businesses as it helps the companies to maintain their ROI (Return on Invest) and sales while their employees are asleep. It would help if you did the setup of the tool. A lot of companies make use of email marketing services; however, more than 50% of the users of email automation cut costs, and save time and money.  

Below are the eight most used tools you could use for an automation email. The tools include the ones for creating a list, making each email automated, tracking, and monitoring the email together with testing of the email. 

1. RafflePress

RafflePress is a WordPress plugin that helps in increasing email subscribers and is used to run giveaways and contests. Your business will be hosting the contest on your website or blog together on social media platforms. If you want to use this tool for a year, you will pay $49 for a start. However, there is also a lifetime license offer, which is $449. 

2. OptinMonster  

OptinMonster is an excellent software for lead generation. According to general knowledge, when creating an email marketing campaign, companies need to gather subscribers. OptinMonster helps build forms that convert the visitors to your website as they land on your business pages in a matter of seconds. It also allows you to create a segmentation of leads and customers by personalizing their behaviors, funneling them directly to your automated campaigns. To make use of OptinMonster, you can start with their monthly plan of $14 by getting billed annually. It also has the pro plan, which costs $47 monthly, if you are buying for a year. There is also a pre-pay discount for you available if you are using OptinMonster. 

3. Contactually

Contactually is a CRM tool that helps to carry out the vetting of contacts. It does this by gathering contacts from your email box, blog, website, or social media profiles. It will then collect as much information as it can to direct you in your messaging. Contactually goes from $69 per month for a professional plan to $119 for an accelerator plan.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot has the best marketing automation tools that help to carry out a lot of tasks. It can streamline email marketing services by using automated workflows. HubSpot has a lot of free tools, but also a wide range of paid plans, from $50 monthly for the starter plan to $3,200 monthly for the Enterprise plan.

5. Hatchbuck

Hatchbuck works like Gmail in the use of tags to carry out the optimization of messages. With Hatchbuck, you can create tags and assign them to specific leads. This depends on the interests of the contacts and the funnel stage they are located at presently. To use Hatchbuck, you need to pay $54.50 per month for the two initial months.

6. SAP Sales Cloud 

The SAP Sales Cloud is an essential lead qualifying tool. It is formerly known as CallidusCloud. SAP Sales Cloud automates the process of identifying promising leads, and at the same time, it clears off the ones that are not qualified or are filled with high risk or low reward.

7. GetNotify

GetNotify works effectively at sending notification of your emails reaching the recipients and being read. When you submit your emails, you will add ‘getnotify’ to the receivers’ email addresses. However, they will not see or know that you are tracking their opens. GetNotify is based on a free plan. 

8. Litmus

Litmus is an email optimization tool. Its purpose is for testing emails on different devices. It provides the capacity to test up to forty clients and devices by clicking once. It reduces the time required to review every email combination. Litmus costs $79 monthly if you pay for a year. However, to carry out automated testing, you need to get the Litmus Plus plan, which is $159 every month for a yearly subscription. 

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