by Viktorija Nikoloska

New Year celebrations are already all around us. As the old year approaches its end and the new one is about to begin, the magical euphoria emerges in all its glory. People begin with the pre-new year celebrations one month before the long-awaited remarkable night. During the entire month of December, people prepare for the holidays and spend each moment in jubilation for the arrival of the new year. Furthermore, this trend of celebrating the new year before the night itself is also present among many companies and organizations.

Companies all around the world manage to get together all employees and throw them a pre-new year celebration. In a like manner, Cosmic Development as an IT support services company also organizes a set of new year celebrations in all of their locations. The Cosmic celebrations do not consist of only partying at a club or having dinner at a restaurant. Instead, employees in all locations have several activities both at the offices and outside of them, thus celebrating the coming of the new year. Read more about those new year celebrations and activities in the article below.

Secret Santa

In almost all companies, Secret Santa is a pre-new year celebration event where colleagues exchange Christmas gifts anonymously. In other words, each employee buys a gift for a coworker and puts it under the office Christmas tree. The gifts do not have to be too expensive and the price for them is usually set around a predetermined sum. The employees have a week’s time to purchase a gift and bring it to the office.

After all of the gifts are placed under the Christmas tree, coworkers gather around and the unwrapping of the presents begins. In the end, coworkers may guess who their Secret Santa is, or it may remain a mystery, depending on the decision of the one who gives the present. The several Cosmic Development locations throughout the world organize their own Secret Santa event. It is an opportunity to hang out with coworkers and enjoy the merriest of holidays.

Secret Santa as one of the New Year celebrations

Kids Christmas

One of the Cosmic Development’s New Year celebrations is the Kids Christmas event. This event is also organized in all of the Cosmic Development locations. Each year, Cosmic prepares Christmas packets for each child of every employee in the company. We love not only our employees but their children as well. That is why we cannot celebrate the New Year without giving our love and care to the Cosmic children. Therefore, we organize a Kids Christmas event with our own Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. The employees bring their children to the office for a present giveaway and a photoshoot with Santa Claus and his lady. The children spend a few hours at the office with Santa Claus unwrapping their presents while enjoying the snacks and drinks prepared especially for them. See below some of the photos of this event at the various Cosmic Development offices. 

Kids Christmas as one of the New Year Celebrations

Pre-New Year’s Eve 

Apart from the new year celebrations at the office, Cosmic Development also organizes an informal pre-new year’s eve party. Namely, each Cosmic location chooses their own way of celebrating the new year’s arrival: either eating dinner at a restaurant or partying at a night club. This long-awaited New Year celebration takes place a week or two before the actual New Year’s Eve.

This year, Cosmic Development organized pre-new year celebration parties in all locations: Belgrade, Bitola, Skopje, and Toronto. This is one of those occasions when coworkers get to hang out outside of the office, have a conversation that is not connected with work and spend quality time with all colleagues. The New Year Celebration brings employees closer together and increases the level of friendliness and team spirit in the company. To get a glance of the atmosphere, take a look at the photos below or visit our Facebook page to see more photos.

Cosmic's New Year Celebration party

New Year Charity Events

Apart from the numerous New Year celebrations that Cosmic Development organizes, we also help out charity events during the holidays. Our company organizes several such events throughout the entire year. However, there is no better time to be generous than the holiday season. That is why our employees from all locations take part in charity events for children coming from poor families and provide each child with a Christmas packet. Some of these children have never gotten a Christmas packet in their life. That is why Cosmic employees participate in this kind of charity event and make those children feel the positive energy of the new year celebration. By making such donations, our employees get the chance to put a smile on the children’s faces, even if it is only just for a while. 

Charity events as part of the New Year Celebrations

This was just a glimpse of our New Year celebrations for this year. We can hardly wait to see how we will celebrate next year. Till then, we send joyful wishes to all of you and may you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!