by Viktorija Nikoloska

Attending networking events is one of the investments that professionals can make in order to stimulate their personal development. However, not all individuals think that networking events or conferences will bring them any benefits. Eventually, it all comes down to the willingness and preparedness of individuals to go to such events and spend their money and time for their own professional development. If the attendees do not know what to do at such events, then the conferences or networking events will be a total waste of resources. 

Recently, we have published a blog article on Conference and Networking Events and the attendance dilemma that individuals have prior to such occasions. Professionals can either see networking events as a chance for gaining new experiences and connections or as a nightmare due to their indisposition to get out of their comfort zones. Being present at the upcoming Macedonia2025 Summit (13-15 November 2019) in Skopje will provide individuals with the opportunity to expand their personal fields of interest, grow new ideas and boost their creativity. Moreover, the summit may also unlock new business opportunities to professionals who choose to take part in such a networking event. 

Cosmic Development is one of the companies that each year sends employees to represent the company at the annual Macedonia2025 Summit. Thanks to our excellent collaboration with Macedonia2025, we will also attend this year’s summit. Prior to the networking event, read the article below to learn more about Macedonia2025, their collaboration with us, and the reasons why they organize this summit as part of their programs for economic development.

What is Macedonia2025?

Macedonia2025 is a non-political organization that focuses on the country’s economic and leadership development. Its main purpose is to build capacities and create opportunities for economic growth, as well as build a stronger nation, through partnerships with other businesses, governments, and academia. Several Macedonian expatriates founded Macedonia2025 in 2007 as an international, independent and non-profit organization that strives to improve Macedonian economic and democratic development. Although the organization headquarters are in Skopje, it has supporters all over the world, who remotely help Macedonia through a wide range of programs.

What Type of Networking Event is the Macedonia2025 Summit?

Macedonia2025 Summit is a dynamic platform that serves as a place for sharing knowledge, connecting businesses and inspiring innovation and change in Southeast Europe. Each year, this summit offers a display of speakers from all over the world who share their knowledge with other summit participants and who want to contribute to making changes in their own unique way. The Macedonia2025 Summit is one of the programs organized by Macedonia2025 which focuses mainly on the country’s economic development.
Macedonia 2025 Summit

What is the Main Purpose of the Macedonia2025 Summit?

The Macedonia2025 Summit wants to present opinions from different perspectives, to initiate discussions and to trigger a call to action. Furthermore, the main objective of the Macedonia2025 Summit is to accelerate the economic development in Macedonia and attract foreign investments, support the growth of start-ups and entrepreneurship, as well as stimulate the export development and competitiveness of Macedonian companies. Another goal of the summit is to enforce education programs to accelerate leadership development, but also to improve entrepreneurship in Macedonia in general. 

Through the involvement of the diaspora in these programs, the Macedonia2025 Summit gives people from around the globe the chance to reinforce and improve their connections and interconnections with the world. One of these summit objectives is also to encourage a better democratic and transparent society that not only will it benefit the country and its economic development but also prove useful for its citizens. And finally, the Macedonia2025 Summit facilitates discussions that aim to improve the country’s quality of life and to broaden the growth progress. 

What is Cosmic Development’s Relationship with Macedonia2025?

Cosmic Development has been contributing and supporting Macedonia2025 ever since the beginning. Last year, Macedonia2025 organized a fundraiser gala, at the 10th year anniversary of the summit, which praised companies and individuals who made an impact in Macedonia in the past decade. At this gala night, Cosmic Development received a special recognition award for valuable contributions towards the education program, part of the Macedonia2025. Our CSO and Managing Director – Anthony Naumoff – received this recognition as a sign of all the support that Cosmic Development has provided to Macedonia2025 in the past 10 years. 

The recognition award

Furthermore, Chris Pavlovski – founder and partner of Cosmic Development – is one of the links between our company and Macedonia2025. He is also the founder and CEO of, which is a next-generation video platform for user-generated content creators. Chris is known as a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 Award. Moreover, not only is he a serial and global entrepreneur but also a member of numerous boards in various organizations, including the Senior Board of Macedonia2025. 

What are the Highlights of Last Year’s Macedonia2025 Summit?

The vast range of different speakers will leave you in awe after you attend some of the panel discussions given by specialists in their fields. Last year’s Macedonia2025 Summit is a good example of the diversity of panelists who discussed a variety of topics that ranged from digital transformation as a business enabler to artificial heart implantation. As our employees are given the opportunity to attend this summit, they get this first-hand experience and the chance to be amazed by the technology developments from around the world. Last year, one of our colleagues who attended the Summit 2018 – Marija Dimovska – made her personal overview of the panel discussions and sessions. She discussed the benefits and advantages of participating in the Macedonia2025 Summit and mentioned some of the speakers who left an immense impression on her. 

“What was genuinely touching, was that this was a set of people whose ancestors have left Macedonia long time ago and have succeeded and accomplished staggering results in a far more competitive environment, yet here they are, beckoned by the call of the homeland, offering the kind of opportunities, which they found elsewhere, to Macedonians in Macedonia. If that is not philanthropy at its best, then I do not know what is,” says Marija in her article from a year ago. Read more about her personal experience by following this link.

Collage of Macedonia2025 Summit 2018

What to Expect from This Year’s Macedonia2025 Summit?

The Macedonia2025 Summit 2019 will be held from 13-15 November at the Hotel Marriott in Skopje. This year’s summit is expected to offer more than 50 distinguished speakers who will participate in over 10 different panel discussions. The three-day program will mainly focus on innovations and their influence on the environment, including the impact they have on increasing air pollution. Furthermore, since the summit is a program for economic development, the other topics that will be discussed at this conference will cover global economic and geopolitical trends, as well as financing options for SME and other businesses and companies. 

In addition to the wide range of speakers, the Macedonia2025 Summit for 2019 will offer opportunities for networking and B2B meetings with foreign companies and potential investors. Participating in this year’s summit will benefit the attendees in a way that will include them directly in panel discussions on regional and global issues, as well as in workshops for skills development and business innovation. Finally, attending the Macedonia2025 Summit will enrich the attendees’ knowledge thanks to the number of global experts that will be present at the event. Moreover, it will help participants to expand their business relationships and develop everlasting partnerships.