Employee Spotlight: Getting to Know Vojkan, Senior Software Developer

Vojkan Boshkovski, a Senior Software Developer, talks about his experience and role at Cosmic Development.  In our ongoing “Employee Spotlight” blog series, we shine a light on the talented individuals that comprise Cosmic Development’s team. We want to learn more about their roles, experience, background, and what it’s like working at Cosmic. Today we introduce one of our senior software…

Employee Spotlight: Open Talk with Bojan, Senior Front-End Developer

At Cosmic Development, our employees are at the core of everything we do. We believe that the people-first approach is the foundation of a client-centric organization. We foster a culture of trust, confidence, and commitment and take the responsibility of creating the conditions that allow our employees to thrive. Our “Employee Spotlight” series highlights our talented employees who bring ideas…

programming books

Programming Books That Developers Must Read

Programming books are a source of useful information that developers can use if they want to enrich their personal knowledge and work skills. Therefore, the action of reading programming books has been always a subject of discussion between individuals who disagree on whether books are really that important. Half of the programmers think that they can get the mandatory knowledge…

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