Productivity Tips for Developers in 2022

Developing a high-quality code while staying productive can be quite challenging. Here are some valuable tips that can help you boost your productivity without compromising on work-life balance.  Completing tasks quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality is what it means to be productive. Being productive is an essential aspect of any industry or area of expertise. Still, it can be…

Employee Spotlight: Web Developer Career Path

The success of Cosmic Development wouldn’t be possible without the talent and skills of our valuable employees. Recently, Viktorija Velichkovska celebrated her fifth year at Cosmic Development. We love to celebrate the milestones of our employees, so we sat down with Viki to discuss her career as a web developer and her time so far at Cosmic Development. Enjoy the…

Krangov as Chief Technology Officer of Bookmark

The Responsibilities of a Chief Technology Officer

Being a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in an IT support services company such as Cosmic Development is not an effortless job. However, when you are working with passion and loyalty towards the company, you will achieve nothing but success. That is the strategy of Atanas Krangov, the current CTO of, who is an expert in his work and who…

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