Media and Entertainment Industry Trends for 2020

Will COVID-19 Affect the Media and Entertainment Industry Trends for 2020?

by Viktorija Nikoloska The media and entertainment industry is one of the fastest-growing industries that have been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic, just like any other business. In the last decade, the media and entertainment industry has gone through an immense transformation as never before. The digital media imposed itself above the previous regular distribution methods and it urged…

Cosmic Beats Isolation

Cosmic Beats Isolation

The Coronavirus pandemic spread rapidly all over the world and it caused us to stay at home in isolation so that we can keep safe from it. To help our employees deal better with the Coronavirus situation, we gave them advice on how to adjust to the idea of working from home and how to spend their isolation time more…

FREE IT consultation

Free IT Consultation During Coronavirus

by Viktorija Nikoloska Get a free IT consultation and cut up to 50 percent of your operating expenses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Business owners who are facing financial problems due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus can now contact us for free IT consultation and get the most suitable IT solution for their businesses. Many people and companies are trying…

Stock Exchange Board

Economic Crisis and Recession During COVID-19

It goes without saying that the world is facing an economic crisis as a result of the rapid spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the globe. The Coronavirus pandemic went from a health emergency to an economic crisis with the speed of light. The pandemic not only increased the numbers of confirmed and deceased people, but it also increased the…

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