by Monika Rizovska

If you want to grow your online business, you need to utilize video marketing for your products and services. Videos are playing essential roles in the world of digital marketing these days. A compelling way to promote your content is through video marketing. People love to watch and see rather than to hear. With videos, you will be able to reach a wider audience. This implies that you will get to drive more traffic to your website, and you will be able to increase your level of engagement. All of these will help you achieve a high level of conversion of visitors into customers, which will bring the end product – ROI (Return on Investment). 

Statistics show that social video has more shares than just images. Also, adding video to your content and posting it on Facebook could double and increase the organic reach than ordinary photo posts. It is predicted that by the next year all internet traffic will be generated from people visiting the internet to watch videos. The statistic keeps going, and all it points to is simple – you have got a lot to gain from investing in video marketing tools for your online business.

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Below are some video marketing tools you need to increase sales and to make your business stand out online:


Vyond is an easy-to-use video animation tool. The focus of Vyond is to help your business convey simple information and messages in a funny way. You could use the animation to pass across information about your products, services, contests, or any other thing about your business that requires explanation. While using Vyond, you could choose from video elements such as props, characters, animated, pre-made templates, sound effects, etc. With this video marketing tool, you can edit any scenes regardless of the industry you find yourself in. You can also create a character that looks exactly like you. You get to select the look of your style and what the form represents, which will become your business’s face.  


The following video marketing tool that allows you to change your photos to videos is Slidely. You can utilize this tool to create your video and photo collections and share them online. The only thing you need is a Facebook account, and you are good to go with Slidely. You can add your content to create the video. It is also possible that you add your logo alongside any text you want to add.


CommonCraft is a video marketing and editing tool used for creating videos and animation. This is one of the earliest companies that created explainer videos. Its primary purpose has been for Ted Talks. It gives its members instant access to the online library that contained a list of both present and past videos. With CommonCraft, you will be able to edit your video, add animations, audio, and other elements to stand out from the crowd.  


Animoto is used to make video marketing for bloggers and vloggers. It is a cloud-based video marketing tool that you will be requested to pay for. This mobile-friendly tool makes it easy to create professional slideshows alongside your marketing videos. There is a mobile app version of this tool that enables you to create your videos while you are on the go. It is so simple to use. You can add your own clips, add music, and texts that will convey the message about your business to your targeted audience.

Verb Technology

This video marketing tool is better known as the Verb. Verb is an interactive marketing tool that gives the opportunity to create, edit and carry out your videos’ marketing to your audience. Verb Tech has various products that are essential to making it useful. Below are listed Verb’s products:

  • NotifiCRM: This is the first product of Verb. It enables you to create an interactive environment with your targeted customers and to create tags on videos in digital marketing.
  • NotifiAIR: This product gives you the ability to remove a video background. You can also add clickable content on your video, website, or image with it. NotifiAIR is an improved version of notifiCRM.
  • NotifiLINKS: This will allow you to disseminate resources such as e-invites, interactive videos, text messaging, etc. There are other possible distribution methods you can use.
  • NotifiWEB: You can easily create a promo video advertisement. This video will have a clickable link. You can embed this link in WordPress and every other content management system (CMS). The video you create can be viewed on mobile devices as well as on the desktop.
  • NotifiADS: This product allows you to create interactive video advertisements. The good thing about the video ads is that you can add them to any platform, including Facebook.
  • NotifiLIVE: With this tool, you can create live stream videos that are interactive on any web browser and smart television. 


Vimeo is a crucial video hosting tool you need. It has well-developed features. With Vimeo business, you can host and manage every video you have in a single place. You can access five terabyte storage without limit of how many videos you can upload in a week. It also permits you to add team members, collaborate, and add notes and reviews on your videos. As a video marketing tool, it helps you to drive engagement by allowing you to place your video anywhere you want it to be. You can also add a clickable call to action and cards to help you capture emails. It also offers the opportunity to check your video’s performance through analytics by tracking the interactions and stats of your video.   


Magisto is a video marketing tool that allows you to edit your video for social purposes. It works efficiently with the strength of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI helps in remaking videos and images into short videos filled with excitement and emotions. The primary purpose of Magisto is to create short videos that help to connect with your audience emotionally. Emotions are vital in the process of getting your audience to buy from you. 


Wirecast is a video marketing tool that is great for making a live casting. If you are planning to broadcast on Facebook, Wirecast is the go-to tool you need. Aside from live streaming on Facebook, you can also add text to it. It is an essential video marketing tool you need. 

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