by Viktorija Nikoloska

Digital marketing marks a prominent and progressing development among companies that want to keep up with the latest trends, thus making our lives more comfortable and enjoyable. Development of technologies and digital marketing innovations are just some of the things that will make a rising trend in the very near future. 

Online marketing is the marketing of products or services that use digital technologies on the Internet. The digitized marketing has become more and more utilized by businesses ever since people had begun spending their time on the Internet. Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the following online marketing tactics: websites, blogs, eBooks, social media channels, brochures, and more.

Five of the most distinguished marketing trends that are already happening are:

AI Is the Newest Digital Marketing Trend

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the newest digital marketing innovations that will continue to rise in the future and will intend to improve companies’ strategies for creating personalized buyer profiles. AI is supposed to direct its focus on customer segmentation, retargeting, click tracking and push notifications, in order to create profiles for their current and potential customers. 

With the help of AI, businesses can implement personalization as the leading marketing online strategy. Instead of focusing on creating experiences for different groups of people, companies that chose to use AI will be able to create unique and personalized experiences for individuals.

When implementing the AI in a digital marketing strategy, you first need to define your goals and identify the channels you want to use. The AI can be applied as a tool for campaign optimization, product recommendations, as well as for increasing a company’s sales and for improving customer services. 

Supported by machine learning algorithms, Artificial Intelligence helps businesses to learn everything about a certain person. That way, companies can personalize their digital marketing strategy and select the experience that most suits a specific person. With the help of AI, businesses are able to tell the computer which types of information to be taken into consideration when determining a person’s digital experience. 

Although AI has proven to be a very important part of every company’s marketing strategy, many businesses have not been using it very much by now. It is expected that AI will soon be much more implemented as a part of the digital marketing strategies. 

Chatbots Are Still Rising In Digital Marketing

Installing a chatbot on a website is one of the digital marketing trends that continue to rise. Although people are still using social media to communicate with brands, websites that have launched chatbots have proven to be more helpful to users. 

Chatbots are allowing customers to hold a conversation and to get answers to most-asked questions just as they would do from customer support representatives. Moreover, chatbots are a much cheaper alternative to customer service representatives, because customers may use them for getting immediate answers, without wasting their time on waiting.

Voice Interaction Continues To Improve

Another online marketing trend brings increased usage of voice interaction. The technology continues to improve in terms of detecting the fields of natural language processing, as well as in creating conversation interfaces and developing machine learning. That way, virtual assistants are becoming more intelligent and useful to individuals who are using the Internet on a daily basis. 

The voice search can be conducted either from a computer or from a mobile phone, and it provides you with hundreds of results that match your search. However, when using a virtual assistant such as Apple’s Siri, for instance, the voice search may differ from the text-based search, and you will get a few or only one result. Therefore, websites are encouraged to pay more attention to their SEO strategy for voice search and provide two different meta descriptions when creating their websites. 

Video Is Still Booming

The action of watching videos has turned into a daily activity for every individual that uses a mobile device or computer. Since a video is considered a 20th-century medium, digital video marketing is one of the most utilized strategies and one of the trends that will continue to rise. 

Nowadays, individuals prefer to watch videos on their mobile phones or computers, regardless of whether they are using video-sharing websites such as YouTube and Rumble, or one of the social mediums – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Video usage is one of the most effective digital marketing tools that marketers use in order to gain impressive amounts of money. As long as the video production and video fundamentals are adequate, companies can utilize the video as a tool for capturing their brand’s personality and conveying much information to their customers. 

Apart from video usage, a company’s digital marketing strategy also includes implementation of live video streaming. Businesses are already implementing live streaming as a useful and powerful online marketing tool, regardless of whether it is used for video gameplays and Sony’s PS4 game console, or for influencing the public. The live stream is a direct interaction with social media influencers or traditional sources, and it has proven useful when an influencer responds directly to the customer’s comments.

AR vs. VR In Digital Marketing

The Internet marketing strategy may include both the augmented reality (AR) as well as the virtual reality (VR). In augmented reality, users can experience a real-world environment in which the objects are augmented by computer-generated information, while in virtual reality, the reality is generated through the use of a head-mounted device. 

Businesses are expected to continue using both of those realities, regardless of whether they want to implement VR gaming technology or an AR experience as part of their web marketing strategy. It is only left for us to wait and see which reality will prevail in the future.

In the end, you might be wondering which of these digital marketing trends will turn out as a success at the end of this year. What is your opinion? Do you believe that video usage and virtual reality will prevail the habit to read written content or to use chats or not?